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As UNHCR statistics generally rely on data from host countries, statistics on refugees alone can give an insufficient account of refugee numbers, as some host countries will not grant refugee status to certain groups. Including statistics for individuals in refugee-like situations is an attempt to account for unrecognised refugees and does not include internally displaced persons. Statistics for stateless refugees are included if available.

w2eu.info - Welcome to Europe

Email: contactatw2eu [dot] info or w2eu_infoatyahoo [dot] com

This hyperlink -w2eu.info - leads to an independent source of information for refugees coming to Europe. w2eu.info might be useful on their journey to and through Europe by giving access to counseling and useful contacts in different European countries. 


Finnish Red Cross

Tehtaankatu 1a, PO Box 168, 00140 Helsinki
Tel: +358 91 29 31
Fax +358 91 29 32 26
Email: webmasteratredcross [dot] fi

The refugee activities of the Finnish Red Cross focus on supporting the integration of immigrants and promoting tolerance. The FRC maintains reception centres for asylum seekers and is also prepared to organise the emergency reception of large groups of unexpectedly arriving asylum seekers. FRC's responsibilities also include practical arrangements for family reunification, receiving quota refugees at the airport and tracing work.

Volunteers are trained to become friend visitors for immigrants. Their contacts with Finnish people are further encouraged through activity groups and international meeting points.

The FRC acts as the representative of the UNHCR in Finland in refugee related legal matters and advocates for a human rights based refugee and immigration policy.

Institute for Advanced Social Research, University of Tampere (for information on Finnish refugee policy)

Tampere Peace Research Institute
Atalpa 214, Ratapihankatu 55, Tampere, Finland
Tel: +358 (0)4 01 90 42 93
Fax: +358 (0)3 22 36 620
Contact Person: Anitta Kynsilehto
Email: Anitta [dot] Kynsilehtoatuta [dot] fi

Freedom of Movement Network

Päijänteentie 35, Helsinki, Finland
Tel: +358 (0)4 02 41 06 62
Email: vapaaliikkuvuusatgmail [dot] com

The Freedom of Movement network gives legal advice to refugees every Monday from 3pm to 5pm at Päijänteentie 35, Helsinki. When necessary the reception may last longer. You can arrive directly to the reception or contact them in advance by phone.

Office of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman

(Member of ELENA)
PO Box 24 FI-00023 Government
Customer service number: +358 (0) 295 666 817 (weekdays 10-12)
Fax: +358 (0) 295 666 829
Email: yvvatoikeus [dot] fi

Refugee Advice Centre

www.pakolaisneuvonta.fi / In English
Kaisaniemenkatu 4 A, 6th floor, 00100 Helsinki
Tel: +358 (0)7 57 57 51 00
Fax +358 (0)7 57 57 51 20
Email: panatpakolaisneuvonta [dot] fi

Details of regional offices are available on their website

Lawyers of the Refugee Advice Centre give legal aid to asylum seekers in different stages of the asylum procedure. The Refugee Advice Centre also works to promote the legal rights of asylum seekers, refugees and other foreigners. The organisation is recognised as an expert in refugee and aliens affairs in Finland.

Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI) Mediterranean Studies Project

Åkerlundinkatu 5 B, 5th floor
Tel: +358 (0)3 3551 7696
Fax: +358 (0)3 2236 620
Contact person: tuomo [dot] melasuoatuta [dot] fi

TAPRI is an independent research centre within the framework of the Institute for Social Research, the University of Tampere. Its Mediterranean Studies Project focuses on Euro-Mediterranean relations, international security issues and the evolution of different cultural spheres around the Mediterranean. TAPRI Mediterranean Studies Project is a member of the  Euromed Human Rights Network's Migration and Asylum Working group.