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As UNHCR statistics generally rely on data from host countries, statistics on refugees alone can give an insufficient account of refugee numbers, as some host countries will not grant refugee status to certain groups. Including statistics for individuals in refugee-like situations is an attempt to account for unrecognised refugees and does not include internally displaced persons. Statistics for stateless refugees are included if available.

Programa de Atención Jurídica Integral a la Población Víctima de Desplazamiento Forzado del Consultorio Jurídico “Guillermo Peña Alzate” Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Políticas, Universidad de Antioquia.

(Forced displacement victims' legal Assistance Programme " Guillermo Peña Alzate" Faculty of Law and Political Science,University of Antioquia.)

Edificio Antigua Escuela de Derecho, Calle 49 Nº 42A-39 (Ayacucho con Girardot), oficina 11
Email: dforzadoatmitra [dot] udea [dot] edu [dot] co
Coordinator: Jaime Alberto Agudelo Figueroa
Email: jagudelofatgmail [dot] com
Tel: (0057) 21 99 861 or (0057) 21 99 869
Opening times: Monday to Friday 08:00-16:00

This programme developed as an answer to the need witnessed by the Faculty of Law and Political Science to assist, accompany and provide legal advice to the population victim of forced displacement, in order to obtain the demand of their fundamental and human rights.

Este programa surgió como respuesta a la necesidad de asesoría, acompañamiento y atención jurídica integral a la población víctima de desplazamiento forzado para la exigibilidad de sus derechos humanos y fundamentales, evidenciada por la Facultad de Derecho y Ciencia Políticas.

Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas (Faculty of Law), Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia
Tel: 32 08 32 0 ext. 52 05 or 52 23

The Faculty of Law of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia has a legal clinic for asylum seekers, together with UNHCR and the Catholic Church. Most cases are Cubans who come through Venezuela. The legal clinic has eight years of practice representing Cuban asylum seekers, among others from diverse nationalities, before the Colombian refugee authority.

Servicio Jesuita a Refugiados Colombia (Jesuit Refugee Service Colombia)

http://sjrcol.com/site/ (spanish)
Contact Person: John J Montoya R, SJ (National Director)
Email: director [dot] colombiaatgmail [dot] com


Cra 15 #  50-30 Barrio Colombia
Tel: 76 11 49 41 or 09 76 22 27 14
Fax: 76 22 85 24


Bogotá: Cra 25 # 39-79 Barrio La Soledad
Tel: 13 68 14 66
Fax: 12 69 92 29


Cra 16  # 3-26 Barrio El Firme
Tel: 22 40 19 60


Avenida 1 No. 27-131 Barrio San Rafael - Curia Diocesana
Tel: 75 72 73 93, ext.117


Cra 7 # 17-35 Parroquia San Pablo
Tel: 76 23 60 21


Soacha:  Calle 10 # 8-88
Tel: 17 75 15 23

Servico Jesuita a Refugiados (JRS Colombia) offer services in Magdalena, Valle del Cauca, Soacha and Cucuta. In these four regions, SJR works to ensure the rights of those displaced, promoting their rights through educative, advocacy and psychosocial projects, and the ability to provide legal aid.

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Colombia

Carrera 9 Nº 81A - 26, Piso 9, Bogotá
Tel: +571 31 71 481
Fax: +571 31 71 504
Email: nrcatnrc [dot] org [dot] co

The NRC provides legal assistance (legal aid, advocacy) for victims of forced displacement, in particular with regard to housing, land and property rights, and for victims of sexual and gender-based violence. They provide orientation information, counselling and education programmes for displaced children and adolescents, and also promote and advocate for changes in policy to ensure the protection of displaced and indigenous populations. NRC provides legal assistance, usually through individual casework, but it may also entail class action. NRC pursues legal action through all relevant local, national and international legal systems and mechanisms, including customary law, conflict resolution and mediation mechanisms and any other prevalent systems of law - in addition to statutory law and the courts. NRC may provide training in legal issues to target groups and key local actors - to establish a platform of understanding of rights and applicable law, and subsequent legal approaches to key issues.

Liga de Mujeres Desplazadas

Getsemaní, Calle Del Espíritu Santo Nº 29 – 158, Cartagena de Indias
Tel: (+575) 660 0125 / 2302
Fax: (+575) 660 2302
Email: patricia [dot] guerreroatligademujeres [dot] org or infoatligademujeres [dot] org
Contact: Patricia Guerrero

The LMD strive for recognition of refugee status for women and communities that have been forcibly displaced from the border areas. They work to ensure justice, reparation and effective compensation, secure return to those displaced women deciding to do so, as well as resettlement of displaced women when relocated. Advocate for the Colombian state’s fulfilment of its human rights obligations, with an emphasis on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of displaced women and recipient populations, their children and the elderly.  Training for women in their fundamental rights (Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Rights, etc..) and International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law, with the objective of empowering and increasing knowledge to demand accountability in their own communities.

La Kelia

Tel: (57)+(1)28 26 404

Advocacy and humanitarian assistance.

Agencia Presidencial para la Accion Social y la Cooperacion Internacional (Presidential Agency to Social Action an International Cooperation)

Calle 7 No. 6-54, Bogota, DC.
Tel.: (57 1) 596 0800 /01/02 / Toll-Free in Bogotá 5954410 / National Toll-Free: 018000951100
Fax: 284 4120
Contact: Through their internet contact form - click here. Please note that a National ID or Alien ID number is required to complete the contact form.
Opening Hours: 8:30-12:30 and 14:00-17:45

AIMS: it aims at coordinating, managing and executing social action programmes, policies and projects directed to poor and vulnerable people and development projects, by coordinating and promoting national and international, technical and financial, cooperation to reach economic and social development in Colombia, mainly Colombians affected by violence and in conditions of vulnerability

It is a public agency to serve the Latin American community. Among its programmes, there are those that provide humanitarian assistance to people displaced by violence including refugees.