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Cameroon Post-Deportation


AFVMC (Association Aide aux Familles et Victimes des Migrations Clandestines)

P.O. BOX 11514, Douala, Cameroon
Tel: +237 33 20 28 60
Email: afvmcatfree [dot] fr or afvmcatyahoo [dot] fr

Association AFVMC is a legalised association with its headquaters in Cameroon. It deals with the help of undocumented migrants who have been expelled back and repatriated from abroad to Cameroon. AFVMC is experienced and active in promoting or implementing programmes in the following fields:

-the social and ecomic reinsertion of repatriated and expelled migrants;
-the protection of the rights of migrants;
-the running of a documentation centre dealing with migration;
-providing medical help for migrants;
-the training of potential migrants to become documented migrants;
-bringing awareness to the population of the dangers of being an illegal immigrant;
-the work on the gender aspect of Labor Migration

Justice Tahle Mukete

Email: tmuketeatyahoo [dot] com

Justice Tahle Mukete can be contacted with logistical information (e.g flight and airport details) regarding the arrival of failed asylum seekers deported to Cameroon. Justice Tahle Mukete will seek to ensure that failed asylum seekers arriving in airports in Cameroon are covered. 

Rights For All (RFA)

Rue Manguier Etoudi, B.P. 2703 Yaoundé, Cameroon  
Tel: +237 98 58 88 07
Email: secretariatatrightsforall [dot] net 

RFA is a Cameroonian human rights organisation that promotes and protects human rights by combating human trafficking, torture and other forms of cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment. RFA renders first assistance upon arrival to failed asylum seekers who have been deported to Cameroon. RFA has a network of service providing organisations in Cameroon and can signpost deportees and members of the post-deportation network.