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Botswana - COI

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Prof Ian Taylor

Email: ictatst-andrews [dot] ac [dot] uk

Ian Taylor is a Professor in International Relations and African Politics at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. He has worked for institutions such as the UNHCR, and has published extensively on Botswana- both academically and for consultancy reports. His work includes themes such as politics, democracy, development, conflict and sustainability.

Dr Treasa Galvin

Email: treasa [dot] galvinatgmail [dot] com

Treasa Galvin is now a Senior Lecturer and a co-ordinator of the Master's Degree in Development Practice at the University of Botswana. Previously, she taught at Trinity College in Dublin and at the University of Zimbabwe. She is a social anthropologist and teaches now Anthropology and Sociology. Her reasearch interests are in migration and refugee movements, ethnic relations, kinship and family structures and social changes and developments issues in Southern Africa. Dr Galvin has conducted research in Zimbabwe, Ireland, Botswana, Swaziland and South Africa and has successfully provided expert opinion reports for asylum-seekers.