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Belarus - COI

Hanna Vasilevich

Email: vasilevichatecmi [dot] de

Dr Hanna Vasilevich has completed her PhD thesis on Belarusian National Identity at the Metropolitan University/International Relations Institute in Prague and works as a Project Research Associate at the European Centre for Minority Issues. Her research on Belarus addresses issues of interethnic relations, minorities, equality and non-discrimination with particular emphasis on language and ethnic aspects. Dr Vasilevich writes for the Belarusian Review and has published extensively on Belarusian politics, history and culture. 

Michael Hindley

Email: infoatmichaelhindley [dot] co [dot] uk

Michael Hindley spent 25 years in elected politics, including three terms as a Euro-MP, when he served as Vice-President of the Trade Committee, and he is a frequent commentator on European and International Politics. He has authored two reports over recent years for the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on “EU/Central Asia Relations” both of which had “human rights” chapters and both reports involved arranging hearings where NGOs made presentations about human rights in Central Asia. He has been an election observer for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) in Kazakhstan. He has also acted as an OSCE observer in other post-Soviet countries namely Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine and been a guest lecturer in Russia and Ukraine. He was was a Member of the European Parliament from 1984 – 1999. 

Yaraslau Kryvoi 

Email: kryvoiatpost [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Dr. Yaraslau Kryvoi is director of the Ostrogorski Centre, editor of Belarus Digest, and associate professor at the University of West London. Born in Belarus, he holds degrees from St. Petersburg State University, Nottingham University, Moscow State Law Academy, and Harvard Law School. He has published extensively on law and policy in Belarus, Russia, and other countries in the former Soviet Union. His personal website is http://kryvoi.net.

Eimear O'Casey

Email: eimear [dot] ocaseyatgmail [dot] com

Eimear O’Casey is a specialist analyst on the former Soviet Union (FSU), with particular interest in anti-corruption and democratisation. Since 2013 she has worked as a political and security risk analyst at the Control Risks consultancy. She advises a range of international organisations and private companies on the key political, integrity and security risks associated with activity in the FSU. She previously worked for University College London’s Constitution Unit think tank and for the OSCE ODIHR Democratization Department in Warsaw, and in Moscow under the Alfa Fellowship in 2013-2014. She has published several articles on the region in the New Eastern Europe journal - in particular on freedom of expression and religion - and has written and edited for Belarus Digest website. She regularly participates in OSCE election observation missions as a short term observer, twice in Belarus since 2010. She participated in the Atlantic Council’s Future Leaders Summit at the NATO Summit in Wales in September 2014. Alongside native English she speaks French and Russian, and holds a Certified Fraud Examiner qualification. 

European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)

Contact: Claire Rimmer, Eastern Europe Team, London Office
Email: crimmeratecre [dot] org, ecreatecre [dot] org
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7790 2954

The ECRE London Office can provide up to date COI information about the situation facing refugees and those seeking asylum in the Eastern Europe region. View their website for reports and news or email direct at the contact details provided. You can also sign up to weekly updates which provide current, comprehensive information on refugee issues in Europe.