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Anguilla - COI

Dr Huon Wardle 

email: hobw@st-andrewsatac [dot] uk

Dr Huon Wardle, Director of the Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies at the University of St Andrews and formerly directed the Centre for Amerindian, Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the same University. He has taught at Cambridge University, Goldsmiths College, LSB College (now Dublin Business School), Queens University, Belfast, and St Andrews University. His monograph: An Ethnography of Cosmopolitanism in Kingston, Jamaica was published in 2000. Subsequently he has published numerous volumes and essays with a focus especially on the Caribbean, on Cosmopolitanism and a range of theoretical issues surrounding ethnography. He has particular expertise on family, (trans)migration, religion and interpersonal politics. He is willing to give his expertise on Anguilla.