Rights in Exile Programme

Refugee Legal Aid Information for Lawyers Representing Refugees Globally

Why legal aid

In 2011, UNHCR reported 54 countries that have produced 10,000 refugees or more. This same source lists 199 states that produced refugees, including Canada, the United Kingdom, the USA and Sweden. There is no 'safe' country.

These statistics suggest that lawyers are all, to one degree or another, representing refugees of the same nationalities or from the same source countries. For example, lawyers in Hong Kong, Korea and Japan, like those in Israel, Zambia, Mexico, and Brazil are all struggling to find information to defend cases from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Would it not be more effective if we all worked together?

Outside North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, legal aid for refugees, as a specialty, is in its infancy. Few law schools offer courses in refugee law. Lawyers representing refugees tend to work in isolation. This limits access to information and resources. This website provides that information as well as access to resource persons who will help you with special issues.

The website is also for refugees, particularly the vast majority in the global south who do not have access to legal aid tailored for them. The Other Resources page lists newspapers developed by refugees, refugees’ websites, and Diaspora organizations, useful for searching for missing relatives. The Pro Bono legal assistance page serves to link refugees with legal support.