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Click here to see the numbers and origins of refugees hosted by United States. 

As UNHCR statistics generally rely on data from host countries, statistics on refugees alone can give an insufficient account of refugee numbers, as some host countries will not grant refugee status to certain groups. Including statistics for individuals in refugee-like situations is an attempt to account for unrecognised refugees and does not include internally displaced persons. Statistics for stateless refugees are included if available.

A list of legal clinics run by various law schools throughout the United States that provide legal assistance to refugees can be found here. This list is regularly updated.

Human Rights First have created a flowchart of the asylum system in the USA

The National Immigration Project of National Lawyers Guild is starting up a new list serv to discuss issues pertaining to noncitizens with mental competency issues. 

We are hopeful this will provide a collaborative space for advocates to share strategies and resources, share emerging legal developments, and coordinate litigation related to mental competency issues in immigration proceedings. This list serv is open to both National Immigration Project members and non-members at no cost (though it is exclusive to folks who advocate on behalf of noncitizens). If you would like to join, please use this link, https://goo.gl/forms/SGJs8VkTIA4PXEjR2. We hope to have it up and running in a week or two.

Lindsay Nash 
Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
Kathryn O. Greenberg Immigration Justice Clinic
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
55 Fifth Avenue, Rm. 1108
New York, NY 10003
lindsay [dot] nashatyu [dot] edu
Tel: 212-790-0433


Catholic Social Services, Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services (RAIS)

3710 E. 20th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska 99507
Tel: +1 907 22 27 300
Email: raisatcssalaska [dot] org

Catholic Social Services is a non-profit, non-governmental agency and the RAIS program is one program within the agency. RAIS offers the only refugee resettlement services in the state of Alaska. Services include reception and placement for newly arriving refugees, distribution of benefits for eligible refugees and asylees including limited financial support, case management and employment placement services. In addition, the program has BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals) accredited representatives who provide legal assistance for refugees applying for adjustment of status (to permanent residency) and citizenship applications.


People Helping People in the Border Zone (PHP)

PO Box 826, Arivaca, AZ 85601
Tel: +1 52 03 98 30 93
Email: phparivacaatgmail [dot] com

Aid Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 12-4pm; Friday, Saturday 9am-1pm; Closed - Sunday, Monday, Wednesday

People Helping People was formed in 2012 by a core group of Arivaca residents involved in providing humanitarian aid on the US/Mexico border. People Helping People is involved in several community projects. The organisation partner with No More Deaths/No Más Muertes to run a humanitarian aid office in Arivaca, AZ where they distribute information on humanitarian aid and legal rights, and do offer contacts for the Florence Project and No More Deaths' lawyers to legally protected persons. The office is staffed 5 days a week by trained local volunteers. All of our volunteers are very knowledgeable and friendly. The office is a safe place to ask questions or voice concerns about providing aid to travelers or dealing with border patrol. People can come into the office to report both border patrol abuse or harassment and abuse to themselves or to others.  We are currently working with the American Civil Liberties Union and the NMD Abuse Doc. Team to document these cases. The organisation also hosts events and educational workshops such as Know Your Rights Training, Medical Training, Spanish Classes, and various presentations about the border/prison industrial complex and other border crises topics. 


Pro Se Asylum Guide for court proceedings before San Francisco Immigration Court

If you are an asylum seeker with no legal representation in the USA, and specifically if your proceedings are before the San Francisco Immigration Court, The Stanford Law School Immigrants' Rights Clinic has created a Pro Se Asylum Guide in English and Spanish. The Pro Se Asylum Guide is a usable and interactive guide tailored to the specific needs of individuals with asylum cases in San Francisco Immigration Court, a document that can be used by anyone, with simple language, clear examples, worksheets and charts for individuals to fill out to organize the information in their own cases, and sample forms (such as cover letters and applications). It aims to assist those that cannot afford to hire a private attorney and unable to attain assistance from non-profits.

Asylum Access

Facebook | Twitter
1611 Telegraph Avenue, Suite #1111 Oakland, CA 94612
Tel.: +001 510 891 8700
Contact(s): Emily Arnold-Fernandez, Alen Mirza, Amalia Greenberg Delgado
Email: emilyatasylumaccess [dot] org, alen [dot] mirzaatasylumaccess [dot] org, amaliaatasylumaccess [dot] org 

Refugee Right to Work Group contact persons: Alen Mizra, alen [dot] mirzaatasylumaccess [dot] org

Asylum access is an innovative, US-based, international nonprofit dedicated to making refugee rights a reality inAfrica, Asia and Latin America. We provide legal information, advice and representation directly to refugees in their first countries of refuge, and advocate for the rights of refugees worldwide. 

Asylum Access also fosters the development of local refugee rights projects that give refugees on-the-ground access to legal advocates in their first countries of refuge. With the oversight of a local director, these organizations implement Asylum Access's Legal Aid program, providing legal information, advice and representation to refugees seeking asylum or striving to assist other rights. Refugee rights projects also implement Asylum Access's Policy, Advocacy and Community Education programs.

Please Note: The Asylum Access office in California is the headquarters of the Asylum Access network, not a direct service provider. Asylum Access does not serve refugees located in the United States. However, our network of organizations serves refugees located Ecuador, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Tanzania, and Thailand. You can find contact information for these Asylum Access locations on the associated country pages of this website, or you can contact headquarters at the infoatasylumaccess [dot] org email account to be directed to the appropriate location.

Clinic Manduley

14407 Gilmore Street Suite 202, Van Nuys, CA 91407
Tel: +1 818 78 16 500
Fax: +1 818 78 16 510
Contact Person: Margarita Manduley, Esq.
Email: clinicmanduleyataol [dot] com

Clinic Manduley handle most types of immigration cases (family based, deportation defence and asylum cases) the majority of which are based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Although Clinic Manduley does take on many pro bono cases, they are a small firm of private attorneys and charge most clients for their services.

Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration (ORAM)

Facebook | Twitter
2443 Fillmore St, #380-6489 San Francisco, CA 94115
Tel: +1 (415) 399 1701
Fax: +1 415 37 39 191
Email: infoatoraminternational [dot] org (general enquiries)
Contact(s): Neil Grungras, Jessica Burnstein

Email:  grungrasnatoraminternational [dot] orgjessicaatoraminternational [dot] org  

Founded in 2008, ORAM is the first migration organisation focusing exclusively on refugees fleeing sexual and gender-based violence worldwide. A new network spanning national, ethnic, religious, racial and gender divides, ORAM provides clients with free legal representation and conducts advocacy and education on their behalf.
Through the creative marriage of modern technology and legal expertise, ORAM provides clients isolated in countries of transit with free counseling and assistance. ORAM’s advocacy encompasses non-governmental organisations, inter-governmental organisations, governments and community groups. ORAM's educational efforts include lectures, writings and a variety of presentation modes.


D. White Law 

Derek N. White, Esq.
1355 S. Colorado Boulevard, Suite 600, Denver, Colorado 80222
Email: infoatdwhitelawpc [dot] com

The primary focus of the work of the D. White Law Firm is on serving refugees and asylum seekers through providing legal aid and advocacy in Colorado, including asylum cases, naturalization, family unification, and residency permits.  These services involve various parts of US immigration law and international refugee law, but they also expand into other areas of clients' lives.  The firm provides legal aid at a low cost fee or, when required due to destitution, clients are served pro bono.


Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights

208 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 1818, Chicago, IL 60604
Tel: +1 312 66 01 300
Fax: +1 31 26 60 15 00
Email: Click here
Contact person: Mary Meg Mccarthy

Heartland Alliance provides legal protection both domestically and internationally to ensure human rights protections and access to justice for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Heartland Alliance's domestic legal protection programmes include:

  • The Heartland Alliance National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) provides direct legal services to and advocates for immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers
  • Violence Recovery Services for children and adults each year who are victims of domestic and sexual violence in the City of Chicago. 
  • Heartland Alliance runs a nationally recognized center for unaccompanied immigrant children who seek to be reunited with their families. 

National Immigrant Justice Center, A Heartland Alliance Partner (NIJC)

Facebook | Twitter
208 South LaSalle Street, Room 1818, Chicago, IL 60604
Tel: +1 (312) 66 01 364
Fax: +1 (312) 66 01 505

NIJC represents low-income immigrants in all non-employment based immigration matters, including asylum applications. NIJC staff and pro bono attorneys working with NIJC represent hundreds of asylum applicants each year in addition to providing legal counsel in thousands of non-asylum immigration matters. NIJC only represents asylum applicants (refugee claimants present in the U.S. or at its borders), and not refugees outside the U.S. They have produced a booklet on the asylum process in the USA, Know Your Rights: Information Packet About Detention, Deportation, and Defenses Under U.S. Immigration Law.


Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic (HIRC)

Harvard Law School, 1563 Massachusetts Ave., Pound Hall 408, Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: +1 617 38 48 165
Email: hircatlaw [dot] harvard [dot] edu

The Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program (HIRC), in partnership with Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS), has worked with hundreds of immigrants and refugees since its founding in 1984. HIRC combines representation of individual applicants for asylum and related relief with the development of theories and policy relating to asylum law. HIRC students take the lead in representing clients from all over the world who are seeking protection from human rights abuses in their country of origin, protection from exile after years of living in the United States, or reunification with their families.

Lutheran Social Services of New England 

51 Union Street, Suite 222, Worcester, MA 01608
Tel: (508) 754-1121 (Worcester) or (414)-787-0725 (West Springfield) 
Email: infolegalatlssne [dot] org

The Immigration Legal Assistance Project of Lutheran Social Services (LSS) provides free and low-cost legal services to immigrants state-wide. They also offer resettlement services, English classes, and more. LSS's legal services include: Pro bono and low-cost legal representation for asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors, and/or victims of violent crime, domestic violence, or human trafficking; Legal consultations in complicated immigration cases; Assistance to complete immigration applications/petitions; Assistance to apply for citizenship, including continuing mentorship and interview preparation; Assistance with family reunification; Referrals to pro-bono and low-cost immigration attorneys; and Referrals to social services providers as appropriate. 


Facebook | Twitter
689 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02139
Tel: +1 617 864 7800
Email: infoatrefugepoint [dot] org

RefugePoint's urban refugee assistance program provides holistic case management services to Nairobi's most vulnerable refugees. Services include emergency food assistance, safe shelter and rent support, and psychosocial counseling and therapy. Please note that at this time RefugePoint is not taking any walk-in clients.

Ross Silverman LLP

59 Temple Place, Suite 605, Boston , MA 02111
Tel: +1 (617) 54 25 111
Fax: +1 (617) 54 22 331
Contact person: Howard Silverman
Email: hsatrsllp [dot] net
Contact person: Ellen Driver (his law clerk)
Email: edriveratrsllp [dot] net

The main attorney who works on the asylum and cancellation of removal cases at this law firm is Howard Silverman. He does a lot of work with PAIR Project (http://www.pairproject.org/) taking pro bono cases when he can and training other lawyers in how to work on these types of cases.
Their website also includes useful links to other sites http://www.bostonimmigrationattorney.com/links.html and explanations of legal terms related to asylum and immigration http://www.bostonimmigrationattorney.com/immigration-terminology.htmlMASSACHUSETTS


Lemkin House

817 Livingston NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49503
Tel : +269 599-6951
infoatlemkinhouse [dot] org
Email contact: Maia Storm - maia [dot] stormatgmail [dot] com

Lemkin House provides asylum-seekers in West Michigan a safe place to stay and prepare their cases while they undergo the difficult legal and mental transition from asylum-seeker to refugee. It also provides legal assistance to asylum seekers who do not need a place to stay, but who lack financial resources.


Advocates for Human Rights

650 Third Avenue South, Suite 1240, Minneapolis, MN 55402 USA
Tel: +1 (612) 34 13 302
Client Line: +1 (612) 34 19 845
Fax: +1 (612) 34 12 971
Email: laura [dot] a [dot] youngatgmail [dot] com

The Advocates for Human Rights seeks to promote and protect the human rights of asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants. They monitor immigration-related legislation in Minnesota and the U.S.and regularly reports on U.S. compliance with human rights obligations including due process, freedom from arbitrary detention, respect for the unity of the family, protection of refugees, and protection of workers.
Volunteers, supported by expert staff, work with victims of human rights abuses as attorneys, mentors, medical and psychological experts, and interpreters in asylum cases. The Advocates also serves clients for free through legal advice through walk-in legal clinics and through the Minnesota Detention Project for consultations for detained immigrants.


Sokpoh Law Group

Facebook | Twitter
10730 Pacific Street, Suite 35, OMAHA, NE 68114
Tel: +1 (402) 85 82 020
Fax: +1 (402) 40 31 330
Email: Karineatscolawgroup [dot] com

Sokpoh Law Group provides immigration assistance including legal representation in asylum and refugee cases. The firm provides pro bono consultations to individuals that contact us through Rights in Exile Programme. Sokpoh Law Group will also evaluate cases and provide representation on a pro-bono or reduced costs basis, on a case by case basis, based on income.


IRATE and First Friends

321 South Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07202
Tel: +1 908 96 50 455
Email: firstfriends2atjuno [dot] com
Email Advocacy: irateadvocacyatgmail [dot] com

The focus of First Friends is to Visit non-criminal detainees at the Elizabeth Detention Center (EDC), in the Hudson County Corrections Center (HCCC) and the Bergen County jail; Provide training for those willing to visit detainees; speak to groups on detention or immigration reform; collaborate with partner organisations seeking humane treatment of all detainees, and the end of detainment for asylum seekers; work nationally on behalf of comprehensive immigration reform; organise demonstrations to keep the plight of detainees in the news, Invite you to join our efforts.


The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP)

Address: Urban Justice Center, 40 Rector St, 9th Fl, New York, NY 10006
Contact persons:
Becca Heller, Director
Email:  bhelleratiraqirefugee [dot] us
Stephen Poellot, Legal Director and Co-founder
Email: spoellotatrefugeerights [dot] org
Katherine Reisner

IRAP is a legal aid organisation that assists refugees and special immigrant visa applicants in the Middle East and Afghanistan. They cannot provide financial assistance or other benefits. They do not make any decisions concerning resettlement and they are completely independent from UNHCR and national governments. Any information sent to IRAP is highly confidential, and all services are free of any charge. IRAP provides free legal services to refugees seeking refugee protection and resettlement. Here are a few types of assistance that IRAP provides.

  •  Refugees in the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. They can help individuals gather documents and present their refugee claim prior to IOM or USCIS interviews. If they are denied, they can review to see if they can assist with a Request for Review, including written counseling for individuals with security-related reasons ("Other") denials.
  • Iraqis with U.S. employment or U.S. family affiliations. They help Iraqis apply to the Direct Access Program (DAP) administered by IOM. Their volunteers help locate employment verification. Additionally, they can coordinate with US relatives of Iraqis who may be able to file family-based immigration petitions for DAP.
  • Afghans or Iraqis with U.S. employment applying for Special Immigrant Visa programs. They assist Afghans and Iraqis with all stages of the SIV process, including locating former US supervisors and preparing application documents.
  • UNHCR Assistance. They can assist very vulnerable people in requests for recognition as refugees, including appealing rejections from UNHCR refugee recognition. For exceptionally vulnerable cases, and in cooperation with local UNHCR offices, they can refer a case to UNHCR to request protection services. The decision regarding any follow-up ultimately rests with UNHCR.

To contact them, send an email with your full name, telephone number, email address and a brief description of your need for legal services in English or Arabic to infoatrefugeerights [dot] org. They are not able to assist everyone who contacts them, and emailing them does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Cornell Law School Immigration Clinic

Contact Persons: Steve Yale-Loehr
Email: SWY1atcornell [dot] edu

Wally Ruehle
Email: wruehleatlasroc [dot] org 

In the Cornell Law School immigration clinic, law students under the supervision of the clinic directors represent immigrants fleeing persecution in their appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). The immigration clinic seeks two types of asylum or CAT cases. First, they seek to represent respondents who have lost their asylum or CAT claim at the BIA and would like to appeal to the applicable Federal Court of Appeals. Second, they seek interesting asylum or CAT cases on appeal to the BIA. They are particularly interested in cases that have the potential to create good precedent or provide a strong basis for challenging existing negative precedent. Our clinic starts at the end of January and ends May 1, so they can only accept cases where briefs are due between mid-March and the end of April.

Human Rights First

Facebook | Twitter


333 Seventh Avenue, 13th Floor New York, NY 10001-5108
Tel: +1 (212) 845 5200
Fax: +1 (212) 845 5299


805 15th Street, NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20005-2207
Tel: +1 (202) 547 5692
Fax: +1 (202) 543 5999


1303 San Jacinto Street, 9th Floor, Houston, TX 77002

Tel: (713) 955-1360
Fax: (713) 510-1935

Human Rights First is a non-profit, nonpartisan international human rights organization with offices in New York and Washington D.C. Volunteer lawyers at the Refugee Representation Program at Human Rights First help asylum seekers in the U.S. with asylum cases. Human Rights First collaborates with pro-bono lawyers who provide legal support for asylum seekers in the United States of America. To learn more about their services see: http://www.humanrightsfirst.org/our-work/refugee-protection/probono-program/

Immigration Advocates Network

Pro Bono Resource Center
Nonprofit Resource Center
Facebook | Twitter
151 West 30th Street
 10th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Tel: +1 212 760 25 54 (ext.) 481

Fax: +1 212 760 25 57

The Immigration Advocates Network (IAN) is a collaborative effort of leading immigrants' rights organisations (*) designed to increase access to justice for low-income immigrants and strengthen the capacity of organisations serving them. IAN promotes more effective and efficient communication, collaboration, and services among immigration advocates and organisations by providing free, easily accessible and comprehensive online resources and tools. The Network does not provide legal referrals or direct legal services.

Immigration Equality

Facebook | Twitter
Immigration Equality, Inc., 40 Exchange Place, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10005
Tel: +1 (212) 71 42 904
Fax: +1 (212) 71 42 973
Email: legalatimmigrationequality [dot] org

Immigration Equality is a national organisation that advocates for full equality for LGBT and HIV-positive individuals under U.S. immigration law. They do both policy work on the Uniting American Families Act, the HIV ban, and other issues, and in the area of asylum they do direct legal representation, run a pro bono project, and provide mentoring for other attorneys. LGBT foreign nationals are provided with up-to-date information about immigration law via trainings, informational materials, and by answering email and telephone inquiries. Immigration Equality run a pro bono asylum project to assist LGBT and HIV-positive asylum seekers to find free or low-cost legal representation. They provide technical assistance to lawyers working on sexual orientation, transgender identity, or HIV status-based asylum applications, or other immigration applications where the client’s LGBT or HIV-positive identity is at issue in the case. They also maintain a list of LGBT/HIV-friendly private immigration attorneys to provide legal representation for those who contact them. Please contact them at the details above. 

Physicians for Human Rights

Facebook | Twitter
Contact here


256 W 38th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10018
Tel.: +1 646 564 3720
Fax: +1 646 564 3750


1156 15th Street, NW, Suite 1001, Washington, DC 20005
Tel: +1 (202) 72 85 335 or +1 (202) 72 85 335
Fax: +1 (202) 72 83 053

Physicians for Human rights is a non-profit, non-sectarian organisation which mobilises health professionals in order to investigate the health consequences of human rights violations and work to stop them. Their ‘Asylum Program’ aims to assist torture survivors and other noncitizens seeking safe haven in the United States. Physicians for Human rights specialise in conducting forensic psychological and physical evaluations to document evidence of torture and abuse. The medical-legal affidavits that they submit to courts on behalf of survivors are frequently the determining factor when judges grant asylum or other relief from deportation.

Pro Bono Net

www.probono.net/ or www.probono.net/asylum/
Facebook | Twitter
151 West 30th Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Tel: +1 212 76 02 554
Fax: +1 212 76 02 557
Email: infoatprobono [dot] net

Pro Bono Net is a national nonprofit organisation based in New York City and San Francisco. We work in close partnership with nonprofit legal organisations across the United States and Canada, to increase access to justice for the millions of poor people who face legal problems every year without help from a lawyer. Pro Bono Net also has a section entitled ‘asylum’ for lawyers who are providing pro bono assistance to people seeking asylum in the U.S. Pro Bono Net does not provide legal referrals or direct legal services.


Lutheran Community Services Northwest (LCSNW)

605 S.E. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd., Portland, OR, 97214
Tel: +1 (503) 73 19 500
Fax +1 (503) 23 30 667
Contact Person: Salah Ansary, Regional Director
Email: sansaryatlcsnw [dot] org

Lutheran Community Services Northwest (LCSNW) provides services for refugees and immigrants. Since 1975, LCSNW has resettled more than 35,000 refugees in the northwest US. We provide case management, employment, citizenship, immigration legal counseling, elders services, and refugee unaccompanied minor program. Our refugee resettlement program has offices in Portland, Vancouver and Seattle.


American Gateways

Tel: +1 512 478 0546
Email: infoatamericangateways [dot] org

American Gateways has served the Central Texas immigrant community since 1987. Founded as the Political Asylum Project of Austin (PAPA), they began as a dedicated group of volunteers working to serve increasing number of refugees fleeing war in Central America. Since then they have grown to provide a broad range of immigration legal services to low-income individuals and families throughout the region. American Gateways is also the only nonprofit in the state to provide legal orientation, immigration workshops, and pro bono legal representation at four immigrant detention facilities


Tahirih Justice Center

6402 Arlington Blvd., Suite 300 Falls Church, VA 22042
Tel: +1-571-282-6161 
Email: justiceattahirih [dot] org  

Tahirih Justice Center was founded after Layli Miller-Muro, Executive Director, helped win asylum for Fauziya Kassindja in the first-ever victory in a gender-based asylum case. With this rich legacy, Tahirih remains committed to ensuring consistency and fairness in the adjudication of asylum claims for women and girls seeking protection from gender-based persecution. Thanks to their award-winning pro bono program, Tahirih represents hundreds of asylum seekers each year, seeking to push the envelope through especially challenging cases. Tahirih partners with major law firms and other advocates to file amicus briefs in asylum cases from around the country and engages in both federal administrative and legislative advocacy to seek improvements in the asylum system to better protect women and girls fleeing violence. They also have offices in Houston, Texas, Maryland and Baltimore. 


201 N. Charles St., Suite 920
Baltimore, MD 21201
(p) 410-999-1900
(f) 410-630-7539
baltimoreattahirih [dot] org

Greater Washington, DC

6402 Arlington Blvd., Suite 300
Falls Church, VA 22042
(p) 571-282-6161
(f) 571-282-6162
greaterdcattahirih [dot] org


1717 St. James Place, Suite 450
Houston, TX 77056
(p) 713-496-0100
(f) 713-481-1793
houstonattahirih [dot] org


Center for Victims of Torture (CVT)

Facebook | Twitter
1776 K Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20006
2356 University Avenue West, Suite 430, St. Paul, MN 55114
Tel: +1 612 43 64 800
Client Services: +1 612 43 64 840
Toll-free: +1 877 26 58 775
Email: cvtatcvt [dot] org

The Center for Victims of Torture (CVT) is a private, non-profit, non-partisan, humanitarian organisation that helps to rebuild the lives of refugees and communities affected by war. It provides mental health services to refugees and survivors in post conflict situations who suffer from the effects of torture and trauma; trains local staff to be paraprofessional Psychosocial Counsellors (PSCs) to act as peer counsellors and builds the capacity of community leaders, teachers, health care workers to recognize the effects of trauma.

The Detention Watch Network

1419 V St. NW Washington, DC 20009
Email: programatdetentionwatchnetwork [dot] org

Detention Watch Network (DWN) works through the collective strength and diversity of its members to expose and challenge the injustices of the U.S. immigration detention and deportation system and advocate for profound change that promotes the rights and dignity of all persons.

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)

Facebook | Twitter
1300 L Street, NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005
Tel: +1 (202) 82 48 680
Email: infoatsupportKIND [dot] org


Contact person: Liz Shields
Email: lshieldsatsupportkind [dot] org

Contact person: Emily Kephart
Email: ekephartatsupportkind [dot] org


Contact person: Laurie Carafone
Email: lcarafoneatsupportkind [dot] org


Contact person: Jenny Regueiro
Email: jregueiroatsupportkind [dot] org

Contact person: Dalia Castillo-Granados
Email: dcastillo-granadosatsupportkind [dot] org

Contact person: Christina Avalos
Email: cavalosatsupportkind [dot] org


Contact person: Rosalind Oliver
Email: roliveratsupportkind [dot] org


Contact person: Sarah Plastino
Email: splastinoatsupportkind [dot] org


Contact person: Wendy Wylegala
Email: wwylegalaatsupportkind [dot] org

Contact person: Vanessa Lucas
Email: vlucasatsupportkind [dot] org

Contact person: Lindsey Buller
Email: lbulleratsupportkind [dot] org


Contact person: Rebekah Fletcher
Email: rfletcheratsupportkind [dot] org

Contact person: Melissa Galarraga
Email: mgalarragaatsupportkind [dot] org

Contact person: Merkys Gomez
Email: mgomezatsupportkind [dot] org

Contact person: Jami Colina
Email: jcolinaatsupportkind [dot] org

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) is an nonprofit organization that helps provide pro bono quality legal representation to unaccompanied refugees in the United States. KIND was founded by the UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie and the Microsoft Corporation and serves as the leading organization for the protection of unaccompanied children who enter the US immigration system alone. KIND’s aim is to ensure legal representation for all unaccompanied children who appear in immigration court. The organization has offices in Baltimore, Boston, Houston, Newark, New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington DC.

Refugee Council USA

Facebook | Twitter
1628 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
Tel: +1 202 31 92 102
Fax: +1 202 31 92 104
Email: infoatrcusa [dot] org

RCUSA provides information on refugee rights and the resettlement process. They also engage in advocacy on issues affecting the rights of refugees, asylum seekers, displaced persons, victims of trafficking, and victims of torture in the United States and across the world.


African Women's Health Center (AWHC)

Brigham and Women's Hospital 2013 | 75 Francis Street, Boston MA 02115
Tel: 617-732-4740 
Email: africanwomenatpartners [dot] org 

The overall mission of the AWHC is to improve the health of refugee and immigrant women who have undergone FGM/C. It provides access, understanding and community to women who have long-term complications from this tradition and who seek reproductive health care. The AWHC also offers reconstructive surgery. 

AHA Foundation 

130 7th Avenue, Suite 236, New York, NY 10011
Email: infoattheahafoundation [dot] org

The AHA Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, women’s rights activist. The AHA Foundation advocates to expand and strengthen federal and state laws in the US that help protect women and girls FGM/C, honour violence, forced marriage and other issues that impact the well-being and threaten lives of women and girls.


Immigration Equality

Immigration Equality, Inc., 40 Exchange Place, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10005
Tel: +1 (212) 71 42 904
Fax: +1 (212) 71 42 973
Email: legalatimmigrationequality [dot] org

Immigration Equality is a national organisation that advocates for full equality for LGBT and HIV-positive individuals under U.S. immigration law. They do both policy work on the Uniting American Families Act, the HIV ban, and other issues, and in the area of asylum they do direct legal representation, run a pro bono project, and provide mentoring for other attorneys. LGBT foreign nationals are provided with up-to-date information about immigration law via trainings, informational materials, and by answering email and telephone inquiries. Immigration Equality run a pro bono asylum project to assist LGBT and HIV-positive asylum seekers to find free or low-cost legal representation. They provide technical assistance to lawyers working on sexual orientation, transgender identity, or HIV status-based asylum applications, or other immigration applications where the client’s LGBT or HIV-positive identity is at issue in the case. They also maintain a list of LGBT/HIV-friendly private immigration attorneys to provide legal representation for those who contact them. Please contact them at the details above. 

A Guide to Claiming Asylum in the United States

guide by the American Immigration Center on how to be granted asylum in the United States through two different paths to claiming asylum.