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St Lucia - COI

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Dr Marie Meudec

Email: mameu78atgmail [dot] com

Dr Marie Meudec, Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Ethnography, University of Toronto Scarborough, received a doctorate in anthropology from Laval University in April 2013. Her doctoral research looked at witchcraft accusations in Saint Lucia. She examined the languages of obeah , an Afro-Caribbean set of spiritual, therapeutic and ethical practices. Through a detailed analysis of the discourses about these practices (in media, literature, and ordinary discourses) and the discourses of the practitioners, she explored the persistence of moral illegitimacy of obeah. Moreover, during this study, she examined the ways Saint Lucians assign negative moral attributions and reconduct discriminatory practices in their daily interactions. These attributions are based on various criteria: gender, sexual orientation, religious practice, ethnocultural belonging, and socio-professional status.