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Editorial Team: Lily Parrott, Fiona McKinnon, Jennie Corbett, Mandy Jam, Ana Beatriz González, Nejla Sammakia, Susan Fratzke, Jessica Marsh, Catherine Tyson, Natsumi Paxton, and Allison Perlin.

Chief Editor: Themba Lewis 

June 2016


Without adequate reflection, new refugee solutions risk failing

Recent Attacks on Foreigners in Zambia


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News


Opinion and Editorial Pieces

Short Pieces

UNHCR appeals to Kenya over decision to end refugee hosting

Government of Kenya statement on the closure of refugee camps

NGOs urge government of Kenya to reconsider intended closure of refugee camps

Families under siege: The hidden costs of the refugee crisis

Words of praise, deadly deeds: Turkey’s treatment of refugees

European Commission letter to Greek asylum authorities: All is well in Turkey

Myanmar’s National League for Democracy government must protect Rohingya people

Updates on the asylum and migration situation in Hungary: 6-18 May

Dublin is dead! Long live Dublin! The 4 May 2016 proposal of the European Commission

Questioning the conventional narrative on African irregular migrants

Continuing conflicts that create refugees

Cardiff charity launches major fundraising drive: “Save Asylum Justice”

Reform of rules on refugees’ loss of status urgent following new court decision

Imprisonment and deportation of Iraqi refugees in Lebanon

The Fast Track is dead

Case Notes

UK legal aid residence test found unlawful and discriminatory

Decision: AT and another (Article 8 ECHR - Child Refugee - Family Reunification) Eritrea [2016] UKUT 227 (IAC)

MS v Secretary of State for the Home Department, UTIAC, AA/07855/2013

Babajanov v. Turkey (no. 49867/08) - forced illegal deportation to Iran unlawful

J.N. v UK – European Court on Human Rights Rule Detention Violation of Article 8

US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Salvadoran asylum remand victory: Zelaya de Ceron v. Lynch

Letters to the Editor


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May 2016


How to pack for the “other refugee crisis”: My diary from Dilley

Humanitarian assistance and the politics of self-reliance: Uganda’s Nakivale refugee settlement


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Short Pieces

“A humane and efficient asylum policy” – The European Commission proposals

The EU-Turkey deal in practice: Jeopardising the European asylum system

UNHCR: involve refugees & internally displaced in Colombia peace talks

The Syrian refugee crisis: The End of the Common European Asylum System?

What will happen to migrants returned Turkey?

UNHCR begins the relocation of Mozambican asylum-seekers to Luwani camp, Malawi

Western Sahara’s moment in the sun

UN member states should make strong recommendations to Sudan at upcoming human rights review

Action urgently needed as Central America asylum claims soar

Asylum in Canada is not for everyone (sorry about that)

Letters to the Editor

  • New Rights in Exile Refugee Assistance list-serv launched, replacing FRLAN list
  • Refugee Law Project (Uganda) launches new blog


Calls for papers

Grants and awards







April 2016


The impact of European Union law on family reunification in Greece

The EU hotspot approach at Lampedusa


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News


Short Pieces

Rediscovering a winning formula for refugee protection

Protection and pragmatism: the EU-Turkey refugee deal in historical perspective

Thailand: Asylum seekers and refugees lack protection

EU/Turkey: Mass, fast-track returns threaten rights: Outline deal reveals contradictory positions on refugee protection

UN Secretary General calls to end plight of Sahrawi refugees

Entering UK and claiming asylum

All roads lead to Dar es Salaam

The place for human rights in Europe and the world is shakier than ever

EP study calls for more inclusive and gender-specific integration policies

Chief Inspector of Prisons calls for a time limit to immigration detention in the UK, in damning report

Conditions for refugees at the Greek-Macedonian border worsening by the day

Drastic change of policy on the “Balkan route” hinders access to protection

Netherlands: the expanding list of safe countries of origin

A global solution to a global refugee crisis

Case Notes

Allocating responsibility for an asylum application through Convention rights: the potential impact of ZAT & Others

Detention of asylum-seekers: the first CJEU judgment

EU court rules Germany can require refugees to live in certain places

Letters to the editors

Protecting Stateless Persons from Arbitrary Detention


Courses, conferences and workshops

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Grants and awards: Funding for NGO programmes benefiting refugees in West Africa






March 2016


Refugee and Forced Migration Narratives: Reaching a wider audience with webinars

Deported Roma family is allowed to return to Canada in groundbreaking decision


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News


Short Pieces

Mind the gap: why are unaccompanied children disappearing in their thousands?

Law allows detention of asylum seekers in Bulgaria

Fast-track returns from Norway to Russia put refugees at risk

Ensuring due process protections for Central American refugees

UK Home Office fails Eritrean asylum seekers using flawed Country of Origin Information

Germany reported to pay African states to accept deportees

African refugees in South Africa are often unable to access their rights

Pushbacks and abuse of asylum seekers at Bulgarian borders

Israel’s ‘Transparency Law’ risks silencing dissent, threatens NGOs

Asylum seekers in the UK face destitution, hunger and poor health

Safe, legal and dignified access to asylum is possible: the Brazilian example

Case Notes

United Kingdom: TD and AD (Trafficked women) CG [2016] UKUT 00092 (IAC)

Unpublished U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals victory for Cornell law students

Freedom, asylum seekers, and two lots of European human rights

Letters to the editors

Kakuma News Reflector (KANERE) back online

European Children’s Rights Unit seeks evidence for inquiry on unaccompanied children

The Refugee Law Project engages Universal Periodic Review


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February 2016


Is a defensible decision by the UK immigration tribunals a thing of the past?

Refugees and asylum seekers: Barriers to accessing South Africa’s labour market


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Short Pieces

Detention of asylum seekers: Interaction between the Return and Reception Conditions Directives in Bulgaria

The uncounted: Why can’t Europe count its migrant detainees?

Immigration raids target disabled refugees in the US

Continuing conflicts that create refugees

UNHCR observations on the proposed amendments to the Danish Aliens legislation

NGOs in France concerned over increasing detention of children

Special challenges Eritrean refugees face in Europe

Case Notes

UK Supreme Court grants permission in Appendix of Family Members cases

Moxamed Ismaaciil and Abdirahman Warsame v. Malta (nos. 52160/13 and 52165/13) [Articles 3, 5(1)f), 5(4)], 12 January 2016

A.G.R. v. The Netherlands (no. 13442/08); A.W.Q. and D.H. v. the Netherlands (no. 25077/06); M.R.A. and Others v. the Netherlands (no. 46856/07); S.D.M. v. the Netherlands (no. 8161/07); S.S.v. the Netherlands (no. 39575/06)

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights submits third party intervention in S.O. v. Austria (no. 44825/15) and A.A. v. Austria (44944/15) on Dublin transfers to Hungary

Letters to the editors

UK: Migrants’ Law Project reports Calais judgment handed down

ISRAEL: Physicians for Human Rights and Hotline for Migrant Workers issue letter to the UN Committee Against Torture

UK: Right to Remain Toolkit revision soon online


Forced Migration Online to cease updating

Courses, conferences and workshops

Calls for papers

Vacancy: Mercy Corps International



January 2016


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Focus: Southern Refugee Legal Aid Network Members

Request: Call to Southern Refugee Legal Aid Network (SRLAN) members 

Focus: Rwanda Cessation Clause

Dr. Barbara Harrell-Bond: a very important update on Rwanda country conditions

Short Pieces

UK Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA) supplementary briefing for House of Lords Second Reading of the Immigration Bill on 22 December 2015: Overseas domestic workers

UK: Well-attended workshop on FGM as grounds for seeking asylum

Book Review: Human Cargo, “An excellent introduction to refugees for the novice; and, a reminder to the experienced, how things have not improved.”

Turkey: EU risks complicity in violations as refugees and asylum-seekers locked up and deported

Donors promise initial USD 687.2 million for UNHCR operations in 2016, the highest amount ever

Asylum betrayed: Recruitment of Burundian refugees in Rwanda

European Economic and Social Committee visit to Austria on 15-16 December examines civil society organisations’ work with refugees

Review of “Post-deportation risks: Criminalised departure and risks for returnees in countries of origin”

Tenth anniversary of Frontex: Ten measures which put fundamental rights at risk

Council of the European Union adopts conclusions on statelessness

Report: Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network Trainings

Israeli district court rejects legal petition from human rights organisations and allows asylum seekers who refuse to leave Israel to be imprisoned indefinitely

Geoffrey Hoffman: US Executive Office for Immigration Review needs better immigration judges

South Korea: Act to save North Korean refugees

Continuing conflicts that create refugees

UK: the Immigration Bill is bad news for families

AIDA update Hungary: asylum reform restricts access to protection and contravenes EU rules

AIDA update Poland: Swings and roundabouts with the introduction of a state legal aid system alongside additional grounds for inadmissibility and Dublin detention

Belgium restricts access to protection and leaves hundreds of asylum seekers without shelter

European Council for Refugees and Exiles fears human rights being left behind in the rush to an EU-Turkey deal

Case Notes

No human rights claims in EEA cases without Home Office approval, says UK Court of Appeal

Expert testimony in asylum cases: Matter of Y-S-L-C-, Respondent

R (on the application of Semeda) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (statelessness; Pham [2015] UKSC 19 applied ) IJR [2015] UKUT 658 (IAC)

Refusal of citizenship to wife and children of Islamist extremist declared unlawful

Canadian Supreme Court decision on humanitarian decisions welcomed

Letters to the editors

Ara Trust: India introduces domestic asylum bill

Forum for Protection of People’s Rights Nepal: update on refugee protests in Nepal


Courses, conferences and workshops

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December 2015


Migration flows and the reintroduction of internal border controls: Assessing necessity and proportionality


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Focus: Southern Refugee Legal Aid Network Members

Lawyers for Human Rights pleased by dismissal of application against reopening Port Elizabeth Refugee Reception Centre

Cyprus migrant rights group accuses UK government of bad faith in dealing with refugees at Sovereign Base territories

Short Pieces

Rwanda Cessation Clause

Nepal UNHCR representatives use police to beat refugees

“Sharing the Burden of Rescue”: Illegalised boat migration, the shipping industry and the costs of rescue in the Central Mediterranean

Devastating flooding affects 25,000 Sahrawi refugees in Tindouf camps

Statement on the Angolan cessation clause: former refugees from Angola face deportation as temporary permits expire

European Court of Human Rights rejects “traditional roles” justification of sex discrimination

Conditional Permanent Residence: Failure in policy and practice

Parallel realities: Refugees seeking asylum in Europe and Hungary’s reaction

Case Notes

UK Court of Appeal gives judgment on the “demand first, appeal later” regime

US appeals court rules against Obama's executive actions on immigration

Khaleseh v The Home Office [2015] EWHC 2995 (QB) (23 October 2015)

Turgunov v. Russia (no. 15590/14) – Violation of Article 3 if Extradited

UK Court of Appeals rules Home Office acted unlawfully by detaining Iranian child seeking asylum

Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU): Advocate General Opinion in Joint Cases C-443/14 and C-444/14 Alo and Osso


Courses, conferences and workshops

Calls for papers

Vacancy: University of California

Request: IASFM working group for archiving and documentation of history of forced migration




November 2015


More Frontex is not the answer to the refugee crisis

Refugee freedom of movement restricted in Zambia

Volker Türk addresses populist politics, irresponsible media reporting, and a crisis of values in 66th session of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Short Pieces

Two pieces on FRONTEX:

Prolonging detention under the return directive in Poland

Rwanda Cessation Clause:

‘Hotspots’ for asylum applications: Some things we urgently need to know

ECRE Comments on the proposal for an EU common list of safe countries of origin

LFJL calls on the European Council to protect the human rights of migrants and asylum-seekers embarking from Libya

40 years a refugee, for the love of freedom

Case Notes

Advocate General’s Opinion in Joint Cases C-443/14 Kreis Warendorf v Ibrahim Alo et C-444/14 Amira Osso v Region Hanover

Belgian Council of Aliens Law Litigation annuls Dublin III transfer to Italy of single woman

UK Upper Tribunal Country Guidance on Iraq, Article 15c) QD, 2004/83/EC

Germany: Administrative Court of Dusseldorf suspends Dublin transfer to Hungary


Courses, conferences and workshops

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October 2015


Don't blame the smugglers: The real migration industry

A billion a year: How welcoming migrants drives the Italian economy

The plight of African refugees in Israel

Syrians in Paris: rights, refuge, and reform

Where is the justice and the moral responsibility of the international community?

Airport casualties: non-admission and return risks at times of internalised/externalised border controls


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Short Pieces

Syria’s refugees: A failure to protect

The refugee crisis that isn't

Continuing conflicts that create refugees

Ten urgent steps to address the refugee crisis in Europe and beyond

UK: House of Commons debate on immigration detention

Alarming attacks against refugees in Germany

A policy of isolation, deterrence, and homelessness

Refugees being treated like criminals in Czech detention centres

Refugees without home and absent the global humanitarian role

Is it time to invoke the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive for Syrian refugees?

Legislating against government-sanctioned child abuse

ASEAN community should ensure human rights protection of people in migration

Case Notes

What if a refugee allegedly supports terrorism? The Court of Justice in the European Union (CJEU) judgment in T

Judge orders return of removee: XB v The Secretary of State for the Home Department [2015] EWHC 2557 (Admin) (10 September 2015)

BIA asylum remand victory - Focus: Iraq, social group, immutability

NA and VA (protection: Article 7(2) Qualification Directive) India [2015] UKUT 432 (IAC)

The BIA’s tepid response to asylum fraud

Letters to the Editors

A letter from Gilberto Algar-Faria, CoI expert on Sri Lanka with the Rights in Exile Programme

Hotline for Refugees and Migrants appeals for support in Israel during European refugee influx

Update from Elisa Mason of the Forced Migration FAQ blog on recent changes


Courses, conferences and workshops

Calls for papers

Short course: Advocacy and refugee rights in Bangkok

Grants and awards






September 2015


South Africa to recognise separated children as dependants of their primary caregivers

A humane approach can work: The effectiveness of alternatives to detention for asylum seekers

Statement by the American Association for Justice on the lack of legal safeguards to protect refugees and non-citizens

The state of freedom of movement for refugees in Tanzania: an overview

Cessation of Rwandan Refugee Status: Two Years On

No-man’s land: life on the Serbia-Hungary border, a briefing on the current crisis

Launch of a voluntary repatriation program of refugees from Kenya to Somalia

The true human rights situation in Eritrea: the new UK Home Office Guidance as a political instrument for the prevention of migration

The impact of the legal aid reforms on refugees in the UK

Military service evasion as grounds for refugee status: the case of Syria


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Quick updates

UK Home Office Appeal Against DFT Decision - Booted out of High Court

House of Commons (UK) - Written answers and statements, Monday 3 August 2015: Charter flights 2015 numbers removed & costs

Officials deporting migrants by nationality “To fill charter flights”

Detainees in family detention file for USD 10M in damage claims

NIJC releases 90 immigration detention contracts and launches immigration detention transparency and human rights project

UK: Yarl’s Wood IRC - Not meeting the needs of vulnerable women

UK Appeals heard under Detained Fast-Track can be set aside and reheard

UK Parliamentary debate on detention, 10 September

United Kingdom: Immigration detention #UnlockTheDebate - Sept 2015

Dominican Republic defends its actions regarding the expulsion of Haitian-Dominicans

Gabon deports 500 people to Nigeria

Abuse of a Palestinian refugee detained for deportation

Short Pieces

The creation of “trafficking”

Monitoring of the Italian externalisation policies on migration

UN condemns Canada’s arbitrary, indefinite detention of migrants

UNHCR warns of deepening refugee crisis in Greece and calls for urgent and bold action

Australia’s cruel treatment of gay asylum-seekers

UNHCR calls for comprehensive response to the Calais situation

116 Somali refugees from Kenya land in Mogadishu, spearheading new phase of voluntary repatriation

Stop the refoulement of Uyghurs from Thailand

Gender-nonconforming lesbian who fled persecution in DRC granted protection after three-year legal fight

European Court of Human Rights questions Spain over claims it violated European Convention on Human Rights

Hungary: Building a legal fence

Case Notes

The Lord Chancellor v Detention Action: UK Court of Appeal agrees Detained Fast Track appeals unfair

UK Upper Tribunal finds asylum applicant should not change  profession to avoid persecution

Comments on China’s family planning laws in relation to asylum claim

Yusif v. Lynch, Aug. 7, 2015: Asylum petition granted to Chaldean Christian from Iraq

Positive result in Cyprus for stateless Kurds from Syria

Letter to the Editors: Post Deportation Monitoring Network facebook group


Courses, conferences and workshops

Events: Launch of online resource for migrants, Leeds, UK, 3 September 2015

Calls for papers


Request: Contact from practitioners representing Sri Lankan victims of torture




July 2015


South Africa: A radical move to allow the public and the media access to the Refugee Appeal Board’s proceedings in appropriate cases

The case of the wandering Chadian

Australia and Europe: Failing the world’s refugees

APRRN Statement: Japan’s review of their refugee status determination system raises new concerns


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Short Pieces

We are also responsible for the tragic deaths of refugees in the Mediterranean

USA: Torture ruling offers hope to Bay Area asylum seeker

The UN must intervene to end persecution and discrimination against Rohingya

Refugees face intolerable delays waiting for family reunification in Canada

Frontex expands its Joint Operation Triton

The future of refugees in Egypt

Thirty-two Eritreans at risk of forced return from Sudan

UNHCR deeply concerned about abduction of asylum-seekers in eastern Sudan

Israel: cease coercing refugees into leaving

Pressure growing on Greek island of Lesvos, as 2015 refugee and migrant crossings of the Mediterranean top 100,000

Refugee versus migrant: Time for a new label?

Case Notes

UK rules that tracing should only take place where it is in the child’s best interests and the child has been properly consulted about his or her wishes

Apata v Secretary of State: ‘Not a lesbian’: Aderonke Apata and the impossibly high threshold for asylum claims based on sexuality

Belgium: Council of Aliens Law Litigation suspends Dublin transfer to Spain

The Netherlands: Raad van State - unlawful detention of asylum seekers

UK: Dublin Regulation return to Malta lawful

ECtHR rules no violation of Article 3 in deportation of Iraqi family

Austria: detention of asylum seekers subject to a Dublin transfer illegal

Croatia introduces onward asylum appeal before the High Administrative Court

UK: “Detained Fast Track” procedures for appeals ruled unlawful but allowed to continue

ECtHR: Grand Chamber M.E. v Sweden and Grand Chamber W.H. v. Sweden

UK: Zermani, R (On the Application Of) v SSHD

Written submissions to ECtHR on asylum claim by Iranian  based on sexual orientation

Refused Haitians face deportation following lifting of the moratorium in Canada

What if a refugee allegedly supports terrorism? The CJEU judgment in T

Budlakoti v. Canada: Definitions vs. consequences of statelessness

Ugandan lesbian who was subjected to ‘exorcism’ granted asylum in UK

AB and Others: (internet activity - state of evidence) Iran  [2015] UKUT 257 (IAC)

Letter to the Editors

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Amsterdam seeking dialogue around European refugee distribution

APRRN announces country situation updates in the APRRN newsletter

Introducing Jill Alpes, the new Coordinator of IRRI’s RiE programme’s  Post Deportation Monitoring Network

South-South Institute on Sexual Violence against Men and Boys, Cambodia

Update on the latest activities from the Cairo Community Interpreter Project (CCIP)

Recommendation from Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond: Right to Remain


Courses, conferences and workshops


Calls for papers

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Information link: Under the Same Sun

June 2015


Who’s in Charge in Tunisia – the Tunisian Government or UNHCR?

Brussels’ personae non gratae: EU failure to address crisis in the Mediterranean


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Short Pieces

Serious violations of detainee’s rights in detention centre in Mennogeia

European agenda on migration missed opportunity to protect rights and save lives

Spain: Law on Public Security approved by parliament amends Aliens Act and establishes special regime for Ceuta and Melilla

Case Notes

Case Note: European Court of Human Rights: S.J v Belgium (Article 3)

Case Note: EU Court of Justice: Judgment Case C-38/14, 23 April 2015 (Returns Directive)

Australian High Court challenge to offshore detention

Italian Court of Cassation Ruling: Statelessness determination procedure in Italy: who bears the burden of proof?

Case Watch: UK Supreme Court backs government rejection of statelessness claim

Court has no “superhero” jurisdiction says Home Office in unlawful detention case

Belgium FGM case: Unaccompanied minor given larger benefit of the doubt in refugee proceedings

Letter to the Editors

US Federal immigration appeals process lacks consistency because it reviews a small and skewed sample of cases


Courses, conferences and workshops

Calls for papers

Grants and awards

Request: Information on persecution of Christian Copts in Sudan



May 2015


On the cusp of a crisis: Human trafficking in eastern Sudan

No easy refuge in ancestral land: Kokang refugees receive inadequate humanitarian assistance and legal protection in China

Migration Policy Reform in Morocco: Implications for Migrants, the Country, and the Region


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Short Pieces

Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers: Reflections from a visit to Sri Lanka

Singh at 30: we’re still trying to go cheap on rights and justice!

The construction of “official outlaws”. Social-psychological and educational implications of a deterrent asylum policy

Women seeking asylum: closing the protection gap

Rewarding repression: proposals to aid the Eritrean government

Migration Policy Reform in Morocco: Implications for Migrants, the Country, and the Region

UNHCR calls for an investigation into the death of two Iraqis at the Bulgaria-Turkey border, raises concerns over border practices

Israeli authorities escalate pressure on Eritreans and Sudanese to leave the country with no clear safeguards or protections

EU’s approach to migrants: humanitarian rhetoric, inhumane treatment

Congolese “Refugees” and Freedom of Movement in the Kampala Urban Space

Refugee repatriation: The Sri Lankan case

European leaders strongly urged to put human life, rights and dignity first in Mediterranean decision

When anonymous hearsay can get you deported

Asylum procedures in the EU

The international refugee system is broken, new measures are needed

UNHCR Update: UNHCR statement on the future of Kenya’s Dadaab Refugee Camps; UNHCR Update on Yemen situation

An alarming increase in the number of refugees arriving in Greek islands and assistance is urgently needed: A 145% jump was recorded in January and the number continues to rise

Hong Kong’s Zero Recognition Rate: A Mystery in Numbers

Case Notes

Court of Justice of the European Union PRESS RELEASE No 34/15 Luxembourg, 19 March 2015

Letter to the Editors

‘Seeking Refuge: Central American Migration to Mexico, The US and Canada’


Courses, conferences and workshops

Call for papers: Annual Conference of Escapes panel, Milan, Italy, 11-12 June 2015






April 2015


Anyone who thinks refugee camps are a good idea has never lived in one: the importance of recognising refugees’ right to freedom of movement

Challenges to Rwandan former refugees’ integration in Zambia

Republic of Kenya in the High Court of Kenya at Nairobi, Constitutional and Human Rights Division, Petition No. 628 of 2014 Consolidated with Petition No. 630 of 2014 and Petition No. 12 of 2015

A position paper on the vulnerability of Bajau Laut (Sama Dilaut) children in Sabah, Malaysia 


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News

Short Pieces

International Refugee Rights Initiative joins rights groups calling on Egypt to end arbitrary detention of refugees

Letter from the Saharawi refugees, to the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees 

Hungarian Constitutional Court declares that lawful stay requirement in statelessness determination breaches international law 

Benamar Benatta reaches settlement with Canadian government 

ILPA Information Sheet - Legal Aid 21: Myth-busting 

Stop the expansion of Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre in Oxfordshire, UK 

Supreme Court successes for Hotline for Refugees and Migrants in Israel 

South African court to rule on refugee children’s right to documentation 

Why Odora-Obote and the Rwandan regime attack ICTR defense lawyers 

Update on detentions and deportations of Sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco 

NGOs raise alarms over new plans to limit the number of migrants and refugees in Hungary 

Afghan Minister for Refugees and Repatriation: ‘Stop deportation to Afghanistan’

Case Notes

Court of Appeal gives further guidance on Article 8 immigration cases 

US Board of Immigration Appeals: Matter of L-A-C-, 26 I&N Dec. 516 (BIA 2015) 

Norwegian Supreme Court finds minor’s family life rights violated by State’s decision to expel mother: HR-2015-00206-A, (sak nr. 2014/1583), sivil sak, anke over dom 

A.M.E. v the Netherlands (no. 51428/10) [Articles 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 13]

Swiss Federal Administrative Court, no. E-6629/2014 

Letters to the Editors


Conferences and workshops 

Calls for papers 

Request: guidance on disability 




March 2015


Rwandan Refugees in Congo in Search of Protection

Exporting human rights obligations: Israel’s “voluntary departures” put lives in danger 

High Court Strikes Down Cap on the Number of Refugees in Kenya; Other Damaging Provisions Remain 

Current soft law initiatives relating to business and human rights do not prepare extractive companies for the adverse impacts their operations may have on the stateless Rohingya of Myanmar 

Couple separated from child after immigration consultant provides bad advice 


News on countries of origin

News on countries of asylum

Detention and deportation news

Short Pieces

Rethinking migrant rescue: An idea that has already worked

CAMEROON: Pilot Refugee Rights Training for North West Lawyers 

Country of asylum profile: Panama

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project reacts to Texas ruling delaying Obama immigration plan 

Cyprus: 40 Palestinian refugees from the refugee camp in Kokkinotrimithia arrested and deported to Government-controlled areas 

UNHCR urges Europe to recreate a robust search and rescue operation on Mediterranean, as Operation Triton lacks resources and mandate needed for saving lives 

As violence spreads beyond Nigeria, UNHCR calls for urgent access to the displaced 

Attorney shares her side of the story after winning asylum for a woman who fled domestic abuse 

Immigration: replace the migration security complex with an ‘integration industry’

Launch of FlüchtlingsforschungsBlog, a German language blog by Netzwerk Flüchtlingsforschung (Refugee Research Network)  

Case Notes

Correct understanding of Article 3 requirements: BB, PP, W, U & Ors v SSHD 

Norwegian Supreme Court: HR-2015-00206-A, (sak nr. 2014/1583), sivil sak, anke over dom 

Belgium Council for Alien Law Litigation (CALL), 6 November 2014, No 132 866 

Belgium Council for Alien Law Litigation (CALL), 23 October 2014, No 131 887 

Letters to the editors

Refugee Contribution: Detention protest in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia 

Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond: Food for thought from a Rwandan refugee 

Seeking Asylum in Karnes City 


Conferences and workshops 

Calls for papers 

Grants & Awards: Fully-funded, three year post-doctoral fellowship at Hertford College, University of Oxford, Oxford


Publications & Resources 


February 2015


Boundaries of civility transgressed? Studying practices of humanitarian government, difference, and power in Kakuma Refugee Camp

Reflection on the Tripartite Agreement on Voluntary Repatriation of Somali Refugees


News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News


Montagnards seeking asylum in Cambodia 

Tenth International Association of Refugee Law Judges (IARLJ) World Conference in Tunisia 

KISA calls on the government of Cyprus not to abandon the rescued Syrian refugees to the hands of the smugglers 

Spain: Legislation on immigration/asylum will breach human rights

Court of Justice of the European Union: Returns Directive bans removal of seriously ill people to places where treatment is not provided

Good character citizenship criteria quietly tightened up 

UNHCR study shows rapid deterioration in living conditions of Syrian refugees in Jordan

Possible North Korean refugee facing deportation to China and repatriation to North Korea by the government of Sweden


European Court of Human Rights: Case of Fozil Nazarov versus Russia

Irish High Court provides judgement on Best Interests of Child

U.K. Upper Tribunal clarifies protection claims for non-Arab Darfuris in Sudan 

Court of Appeal victory in Afghan interpreters’ case

Deportation to Sudan would breach Article 3


Quickly search for UN documents online

Refugee Law Project at Makerere University resumes services



Conferences, workshops, and courses

Calls for papers

Grants and awards




Request: Tunisian nationals to support feasibility study on refugee legal aid 

CCIP Community Interpreting Training for Migrant and Refugee Settings 


January 2015


Defining statelessness: a Chinese case study

The secret urban refugees of Dar es Salaam


News on countries of asylum

News on countries of origin

Detention and deportation news


Five-country research project on conditions for women in prison presents relevant information for women in immigration detention

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network calls for international support in combating restrictive Danish refugee law

Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond OBE: Working together across international borders to save refugees


CESCR voices concern over the lack of refugee law and appropriate refugee status determination procedures in Nepal

U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants places first child in newly funded legal representation program

ECtHR: detention of unaccompanied child in Greece violates right to liberty

The International Refugee Rights Initiative calls for release of Sudanese Activist

System needed to allow positive decisions on asylum claims to be recognised across the EU

TRAC reports that only 32% of unaccompanied children are represented by an attorney in U.S. immigration court

Croatia: vulnerable persons are not adequately identified and assisted during asylum procedure

Urgent appeal for support: stateless Kurds from Syria protesting outside the Ministry of Interior, Cyprus

Sit-in in Morocco to protest against unfulfilled promises to regularise migrants and refugees status

Eurosur extended: all participating states now connected to border surveillance system

Israeli government pushes new bill mandating prolonged detention for asylum seekers

UNHCR, OHCHR appeal to Cambodian authorities to allow access to Vietnamese Montagnards in hiding

Immigration clinic at Texas Law sues over detention of asylum-seeking mothers and children

Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network conducts refugee legal aid training in Sri Lanka

Open letter concerning the arbitrary arrest and incommunicado detentions of Dr Amin Mekki Medani, Mr Farouq Abu Eissa, and Dr Farah Ibrahim Mohamed Alagar by the Government of Sudan

Why is UNHCR doing RSD anyway? A UNHCR report identifies the hard questions

APRRN condemns Australia’s handover of Sri Lankan asylum seekers to Sri Lankan authorities

Assessing credibility of an asylum claim - benefit of doubt

Eritrea COI report controversy

CPT criticizes Cyprus for detaining unaccompanied asylum seeking children


U.S. Federal judge allows lawsuit by detained asylum seekers to proceed as a nationwide class action

Detention of asylum seekers not at risk of absconding unlawful

Judgment in Case C-202/13 - Sean Ambrose McCarthy and Others v Secretary of State for the Home Department


Announcements: legal services at Zaatari camp; IRIN goes independent

Conferences, workshops, and courses

Calls for papers





December 2014

News on countries of origin

News on countries of asylum

Detention and deportation news

AnnouncementsIRRI calls for freedom of movement for all refugees

Conferences, workshops & courses

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Desertion due to belief that military duty may result in war crimes is ground for asylum, according to EU Advocate General

Parliamentary question addresses mental health of UK asylum seekers

Eritreans file lawsuit against Canadian mining company for slave labour and crimes against humanity

South Africa: Concerns raised over the detention of immigrants at police stations and the systematic denial of their legal rights by police

Refugee status removed after a routine interview? UNHCR, please explain.

In-country refugee/parole programme for minors in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras with parents lawfully present in the United States

Jordanian legal aid NGO launches new campaign to publicise the dangers of undocumented migration

Open letter to the Director-General of the BBC concerning the documentary ‘Rwanda, the Untold Story’

Case note: As, R (on the Application of) v SSHD [2014] EWHC 3478 (Admin) (24 October 2014)

Frontex, fundamental rights and forced returns of migrants: the European Ombudsman opens investigation

Supreme Court of Canada rules against refugee protection for those guilty of serious past crimes

Thousands of refugees in limbo following suspension of US in-country refugee processing in Iraq

Tarakhel v. Switzerland (Application No. 29217/12): Returns to Italy ruled as inhumane treatment

138 asylum seekers detained in Israel for over two years to be released following High Court petition


A true initiative or another palliative? The Transitional Solutions Initiative for the protracted refugee situation in eastern Sudan

Protected faster, or fewer protected? The peril of ‘safe’ countries

Immigration detention: A most un-British phenomenon





November 2014

News on countries of origin

News on countries of asylum

Detention and deportation news


Conferences and workshops

Calls for papers

Grants and awards: PRM grants for Kenya and Ethiopia NGOs

Announcement: EUROMED and SRLAN members


STOP PRESS: The quashing of the Prevention of Infiltration Law: Israeli Supreme Court decides on detention of asylum seekers

Statelessness averted? Former Burundian refugees to receive Tanzanian citizenship

Immigration lawyers across USA call for review of ‘inhumane’ detention and removal policies towards minors

Groups sue U.S. government over life-threatening deportation process against mothers and children escaping extreme violence in Central America

Case note: Hounga v Allen & Anor [2014] UKSC 47 (30 July 2014)

Case note: Carter, R (On the Application Of) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2014] EWHC 2603 (Admin) (29 July 2014)

Refugees face curbs on rights in Western Sahara/Algeria

South African Supreme Court of Appeal upholds appeal in the case of Somali Association of South Africa & 5 Others v LEDET, Minister of Police, Minister of Home Affairs and Others

Australia-Cambodia resettlement deal disregards Refugee Convention obligations

NGOs across the world highlight the deterioration of protection standards for asylum seekers in Australia

Mind that data: The pitfalls of UNHCR RSD data

Continuing conflicts that create refugees

South Africa will not return Rwandan refugee stating he will face persecution if returned to his country of origin

Proposal for an EU directive on the identification of statelessness and the protection of stateless persons


Back to the Dark Ages? The imminent danger of a regional domino effect in Obama’s hardline policy for mothers fleeing Central America

Immigration detention in the media: anarchy and ambivalence






October 2014

News on countries of origin

News on countries of asylum

Detention and deportation news

Conferences and workshops


Calls for papers



An update on the Cessation Clause

A word from the Human Rights Watch Refugee Rights Programme

Where is the UNHCR RSD surge happening?

UNHCR statement on Australia-Cambodia agreement on refugee relocation

Commentary: Detention of undocumented families is wrong

‘It’s time for a real solution that will benefit both residents of South Tel Aviv and the asylum-seekers’

The impact of detention on mental disorders: ‘a crisis of harm in immigration detention’

Ecuador advances the protection of refugees

Bulgaria: New evidence of Syrians forced back to Turkey; EU should press Sofia to investigate and provide protection

Somali Association of South Africa & 5 Others v. Limpopo Department of Economic Development, the Environment and Tourism and 9 Others

Consider the indictment as evidence in the case of the asylum seeker who was almost deported to Sudan

The death of Abelhak Goradia: a worrying silence in France

Court stops Sri Lanka deporting refugees

EU pilot project on return policy

Australia: High Court ruling

US Board of Immigration Appeals decision on Guatemalan women as a particular social group

Federal Court [Canada] rules that Refugee Appeal Division must do a full appeal based on merit

M.V. and M.T. v. France - Violation of Article 3 if deported to Russia

UNHCR urges Sri Lanka to stop deportations and provide protection to refugees and asylum-seekers

Eight Congolese refugees convicted in Zambia


A letter from Pierre-Célestin Mbodina Iribi, one of three Congolese witnesses to the International Criminal Court (ICC) on the eve of their deportation

The blurred line: Preserving the asylum space in a context of increasing insecurity in Kenya

Anthropology can save lives: Lucy Mair medal acceptance speech

Beyond bare life: refugee agency through jurisdictional competition in Buduburam

Naath offers vulnerable South Sudanese communities support in Egypt

Language testing of asylum claimants: A flawed approach





September 2014

News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News



Conferences and Workshops

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Post Deportation Monitoring Training in Estonia for police and immigration control

Portugal adopts new asylum legislation transposing EU asylum directives

Brazil will offer citizenship to stateless persons

‘Mental Health Matters’ on International Youth Day 2014

Report on intensive course on refugee law conducted at University of Sarajevo

UNHCR urges Sri Lanka to stop deporting asylum-seekers to Pakistan

Russia must take measures to prevent stateless person from being re-arrested for breach of residence regulations

'Frontex between Greece and Turkey: The Border of Denial' - The deployment of Frontex is impairing the right of asylum

Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers threatens refugee protection across Asia-Pacific

Statement on repatriation of refugees from the Thai–Myanmar border

UNHCR Briefing Notes: Thailand deports Laotian refugee; Rising death toll in the Mediterranean

Israeli authorities use unnecessary force to quash protest of detained asylum seekers

Continuing conflicts that create refugees

French family reunification procedure violates right to family life

Immigration officer’s decision on failed asylum seeker Jose Figueroa was unreasonable, Canadian judge rules

Country guidance on Libya

Difference between UK domestic and EU law on deportation

The decision of the Federal Court on the appeal of refugees welcomed

Advocate General Sharpston considers that when verifying an asylum seeker’s claimed sexual orientation, Member States’ freedom of action is constrained by the Charter of Fundamental Rights

Greece continues to indefinitely detain migrants despite Athens Administrative Court ruling the practice unlawful

Norway to stop criminalising asylum seekers who have transited other safe countries and who ‘without undue delay’ admit to using false identity papers

Legal aid residence test found unlawful. Big time.

Cameroon: Pilot refugee rights training for North West lawyers

Re-conceptualising rights-based protection in refugee crises: the need for alternative approaches and methods in institutional and policy responses.

Japan: ‘I wish I had never come here’ mourning heard from refugee applicants in Japan


Protecting people seeking asylum in the UK: A legal and welfare needs approach to the asylum determination process

Refugee protection in China: recent legal and policy developments 





July 2014

The International Refugee Rights Initiative and the Fahamu Refugee Programme announce merger

News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News


Conferences and workshops: The first Global Forum on Statelessness

Grants and awards: Clifford Chance Access to Justice Award

Request: Asylum Access Refugee Rights Toolkit editors



Call for papers: Common Bond Institute


Concerns over mass detention of refugees in Sri Lanka

Uganda’s Refugee Law Project Gender & Sexuality Programme update

Thousands of refugees stage ‘walk of freedom’ to protest detention at Holot, Israel

India: displaced persons and the right to vote

The development of the definition of prohibited treatment under Article 3 ECHR for asylum seekers

ECRE calls for legal access for refugees and alternatives to Dublin Regulation in Home Affairs strategic guidelines

Doubly vulnerable: The world’s refugees are fleeing persecution only to see their rights trampled

Reflections on refugee protection in Japan


Refugee Studies: No atonement for the failure of politics

'Don't even talk to them': Tunisia's forgotten refugees


June 2014

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News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News


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Letters to the editors: Refugee Law Project updates


Introducing ‘forced voluntary return’: new prospects for becoming irregular in Finland

Concern over the transfer of refugee journalists to designated areas: an open letter

APRRN calls for immediate review of Japan’s domestic refugee protection systems

Despite criticism by NGOs and UNHCR, Cyprus amends its refugee law, leaving people fleeing generalized violence unprotected

Djibouti arbitrarily detaining and turning over Ogaden refugees in Djibouti to Ethiopian security 

UK Upper Tribunal poses problems for practitioners on permission, burden of proof and professional standards

Testimony: detention in Lukavica-Bosnia and Deportation to Serbia

United Nations expert says there are ‘elements of genocide’ against Myanmar’s Rohingya

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) continues to block public access to enforcement data

A short testimony from the Liberian community in Israel

Rwandan former refugees oppose the need for Rwandan Government passports for their local integration in Zambia

From refugee to returnee to asylum seeker: Burundian refugees struggle to find protection in the Great Lakes region

Human rights abuses getting worse in Rwanda: open letter to President Kagame

Spanish authorities attempt deportation of international protection claimants without due regard to their claims of serious harm faced upon return

Case note: AC and Others v Spain, Application no. 6528/11

Case note: Australian High Court hears case on legality of offshore processing


The Deficiencies of UNHCR’s RSD Procedure: the Case of Choucha Refugee Camp in Tunisia

Long-awaited victory for hundreds of Eritreans detained in Djibouti


May 2014

News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Detention and Deportation News


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Event Announcements: Harvard Clinical Programme & UNHCR Annual Consultations

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An open letter to UNHCR from the Kakuma News Reflector on the Kenyan internment of Somalis

FreeMovement: UNHCR’s Guidelines on Military Service

Western Sahara: MINURSO’s mandate should be extended to include human rights

MALTA: NGOs welcome Prime Minister’s pledge to stop detaining children

UNHCR recommends starting the cessation process for refugees from Croatia

Stop the arrest and detention of asylum seeking women accessing maternal health care

The Italian Refugee Council: Access to protection in Italy

UK High Court judge rules that current Home Office policy on asylum support rates is unlawful: a letter from Refugee Action

UNHCR seeking access to detained asylum-seekers and refugees in Nairobi

COURT NOTES: High Court of Justice hearing regarding Israel’s Anti-Infiltration Law

Refugee Law Project’s position on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

A short testament from Rwandans in Zambia

Transitioning from UNHCR to government RSD: An overdue assessment

GREECE: Commissioner Muižnieks calls on the Greek Parliament to reject the amendment to Article 19 of the draft immigration code

Israeli Immigration Authority promises not to fine employers of asylum-seekers whose visas expired


The new asylum regime in Kenya: a commentary from the Refugee Consortium of Kenya

Refugee Legal Aid in Morocco: Moroccan NGO launches lawyer training program in border city of Oujda


April 2014

STOP PRESS: Kenya again orders all refugees to be interned in camps

News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Deportation News

Announcement: Hong Kong refugee advice centre

Conferences and workshops






Case note: Shahzad (Art 8: legitimate aim) Pakistan [2014] UKUT 85 (IAC)

Case note: UK Supreme Court rules that ‘substantial countervailing reasons’ are required to reject asylum applicants already granted refugee status by UNHCR

Case note: QH (Christians - risk) (China) CG [2014] UKUT 86 (IAC) (14 March 2014)

Case note: RQ (Jordan) v SSHD [2014] EWHC 559 (Admin)

UK Supreme Court decides on third country returns

UNHCR issues new Guidelines on Temporary Protection: They need a rewrite

An overview of current situation for asylum-seekers in Israel

An interview with Barbara Harrell-Bond


Psychology & refugee status determination: Psychological evidence to help inform refugee status determination

An experience of failure: a case study of UNHCR’s recommendation to invoke the cessation clause for Rwandan refugees

FGM and asylum: AF vs Secretary of State 31 January 2014


March 2014

News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Deportation and Detention News


Conferences and Workshops

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OO Algeria [2013] UKUT 00063 (IAC)

Supreme Court decides on third country returns

Court of Justice: Judgment in Case C-285/12 Diakité, 30 January 2014

Court of Justice: Judgment in Case C-84/12 Koushkaki, 19 December 2013

USA: Board of Immigration Appeals delivers two judgments defining ‘particular social group’

After a long struggle, 221 migrant families to receive legal status in Israel

Press Release: Saudi Arabia should end summary deportations of Somalis and Yeminis

Charities welcome Court of Appeal judgement on immigrant mental health policy

The Tindouf refugee camps: A Moroccan’s reflections

Team of experts to Israeli Government: End detention of migrant children

Statelessness in Ukraine

Cyprus: Detention of Syrian asylum seekers and access to an effective remedy

Call on government of Kenya to reopen the Kenya-Somali border to ease repatriation of Somali returnees

The Dublin-Strasbourg-Luxembourg triangle: Getting the European Courts’ dialogue on the suspension of Dublin Regulation transfers right

Refugee Legal Aid in Morocco: Moroccan NGO launches lawyer training program in border city of Oujda

Asylum registration in China

UNHCR guidelines on temporary protection or stay arrangements




February 2014

News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

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Grants and awards

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Letters to the editor

Death of Col. Karegeya: Unending hunt for Rwandan refugees

A.A. v. Switzerland (European Court of Human Rights No. 58802/12) - Violation of Article 3 if Expelled to Sudan

Press conference: Hunger strike for freedom and human rights

Stranded in Hamburg: Asylum-seekers claim they are here to stay

The use of psychological and medical evidence within RSD proceedings

Belgium: The Constitutional Court reinstates right to an effective remedy for asylum seekers from ‘safe countries of origin’

The Invisible: Stateless persons in Poland, an executive summary

The right to seek asylum and protection

Laughing at death





January 2014

News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Deportation News

Announcement: UK MAX Movement

Conferences & Workshops

Call for papers: CARFMS Graduate Student Essay Contest


Request: Cases required for research on Ugandan Refugees Act

Letter to the Editors from Bishop John Osmers, Zambia

Case Note: P (DRC), R (on the application of) V Secretary of State for the Home Department

Inter-American Court recognises right of exiled torture survivor to justice: the possible implications for refugees around the world

Ending secret asylum files (if only we could take UNHCR to federal court…)

UK immigration court position on detainee hunger strikes

Self-harm in UK immigration detention: July-September 2013

US ruling establishes ‘cumulative’ credibility possibility in establishing past persecution

On the Israeli supreme court ruling

Spain recognises statelessness claims of two individuals from Western Sahara




December 2013

News on countries of origin

News on countries of asylum

Kenya Somalia agreement

Reader responses

Deportation news


Conferences & workshops

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On Rwandan Government passports for Rwandan former refugees’ local integration in  Zambia

Israeli Government declares: Asylum-seekers currently detained under the Anti-Infiltration Law will not be released

Case Note: X, Y and Z

Case Notes: C-4/11 Bundesrepublik Deutschland v Kaveh Puid (Dublin Returns)

Bodies in the Black Sea? Bulgaria steps up efforts to repel refugees

CASE COMMENT: Joined Cases C-199/12, C-200/12 and C-201/12 X, Y & Z v Minister voor Immigratie en Asiel

Rwandan generals accused of war crimes in UN employ




November 2013

News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

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Rwandan former refugees oppose the need for Rwandan Government passports for their local integration in Zambia

Introducing the Western Balkans Legal Aid Network

A refugee applicant’s lawsuit seeking to cancel the deportation order:  The Seoul Administration Court rules in favor of the plaintiff

Humanity vs. Israeli Parliament

Israeli Supreme Court: Being a torture camps’ survivor can be considered as an ‘exceptional humanitarian reason’ for release under the Anti-Infiltration Law

Unpublished decision of the US Board of Immigration Appeals determining that incidents of harassment and discrimination suffered by a ‘pygmy’ from Burundi should have been considered to constitute persecution in the aggregate

Update on the nature and need of protection of Somali refugees in Kenya:  In Kenya, UNHCR chief discusses solutions for Somali refugees Changing the face of refugee protection? The Kenyan High Court affirms the right to dignity and freedom of movement of refugees  

Open letter of refugees and persons with international protection status

The European Court of Human Rights (1). Budrevich v. the Czech Republic (no. 65303/10). Violation Article 13 in conjunction with Article 3

K.K. v. France (no. 18913/11). Violation of Article 3 if the applicant were returned to Iran. No violation of Article 13 (right to an effective remedy) in conjunction with Article 3  

RT (Zimbabwe) and others (Respondents) v Secretary for State for the Home Department (Appellant); KM (Zimbabwe) (FC) (Appellant) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2012] UKSC 38

EU and Member State measures to tackle the flow of refugees as a result of the conflict in Syria:

S.S.L -v- Minister for Justice and Equality

Observations by Amnesty International and the International Commission of Jurists on the case X, Y and Z v Minister voor Immigratie, Integratie en Asiel (C‑199/12, C‑200/12 and C‑201/12) following the Opinion of Advocate General Sharpston of 11 July 2013

Current situation in Algeria

EU must grant asylum to all Eritrean refugees

Lampedusa deaths: identification and the families’ right to know

A gentle reminder to UNHCR: Deciding refugee cases is not just about efficiency

An overview of transfers of asylum seekers from Germany to Italy under the Dublin II Regulation

Australia and South East Asia: Irregular migration and refugee protection

The Reach of the Exclusion clause to the Refugee Convention

Joint NGO statement on international protection, delivered before the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Geneva, October 2013N  

UNHCR-NGO Annual Consultation Closing Remarks





October 2013

News on Countries of Origin

News on Countries of Asylum

Deportation & Detention News

Reader Response  


Conferences and Workshops

Calls for Papers


Choucha update

Rejected asylum seekers tortured in Sri Lanka

Facilitations for family reunification of Syrian refugees in Switzerland

Convention Against Torture victory won for Somali national

Illegal deportations from Italy - sending Egyptians back into a civil war

KISA reports targeting of human trafficking victims and a breach of medical confidentiality in Cyprus

Case Watch: Kenya judge rules against ‘War on Terror’ renditions

Israel: Supreme Court overturns law to prevent infiltration

Morocco urged to establish new asylum and migration policy that protects the human rights of migrants

Legal aid for refugees in Morocco:  Droit et Justice  launch their programme

Moroccan monarch and government take on asylum reform at long last

Playing with people’s lives: The plight of Rwandan refugees in the Great Lakes region

Introduction to CA7 on Belarus, changed country conditions: 


September 2013

News on countries of origin

News on countries of asylum

Deportation & Detention News


Conferences & workshops

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Letter to the editors: ‘To achieve a solution or die’  

SPECIAL FEATURE: The state of Rwandan refugee protection after the Cessation Clause

The beginnings of refugee legal aid in India

Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network statement on recent policy announcements in Australia

KISA condemns another incident of discriminatory treatment regarding granting Cypriot citizenship to a family from Sri Lanka

Canadian Council for Refugees welcomes Ezokola decision clarifying refugee exclusion

AH (Article 1F(b) - ‘Serious’) Algeria v. SSHD

R v Mateta & Ors, [2013] EWCA Crim 1372 30 July 2013

Excerpt: Lack of an effective remedy in relation to deportation and unlawful detention of Syrian national

Excerpt: Deportation of failed asylum seekers originally from cities in northern Iraq would not breach their human rights as they could relocate to other regions

Excerpt: Opinion of Lord Eassie in the appeals

Republic of Kenya in the High Court of Kenya at Nairobi, Petition No. 19 OF 2013 Consolidated with Petition No. 115 of 2013

Harming asylum seekers’ chances through poor use of human rights treaties

Hungary’s asylum system under pressure

Why do we still have refugee camps?




Information links


July 2013

News on Countries of Origin and Asylum

Deportation and Detention News

Reader Response


UNHCR Africa Bureau announces only three states to implement Cessation Clause for Rwandan refugees 

Revolution and international migration in Tunisia

Discrimination awaits Palestinians fleeing the Syrian conflict

Civil society organisations condemn the cruel and inhumane conduct by some Cypriot police officers

France: At least 62% of foreigners are deported without seeing a judge

CASE NOTE: Police failure to protect rights of vulnerable girl-children is discriminatory, says Kenyan High Court

CASE NOTE: R (JB) Jamaica v Secretary of State for the Home Department

Refusals of international protection in Bologna

Hungary passes legislation allowing widespread detention of asylum seekers

World Refugee Day 2013: EU-Turkey agreement puts refugee and migrant rights on the line

Refugees in Africa’s Great Lakes region: a perpetual state of exile

International Refugee Law: a selected survey of developments in 2012

Resources & publications


June 2013

News on Countries of Origin and Asylum

Deportation News


SPECIAL FEATURE: Documenting the Rwanda Countdown: Our articles on the Cessation Clause 2010-2013

SPECIAL FEATURE: Salvator Cusimano and Barbara Harrell-Bond demystify some of Kagame’s and Rwanda’s myths

SPECIAL FEATURE: Rwandan refugees resisting repatriation, says Edgar Lungu

SPECIAL FEATURE: What is happening to Rwandan refugees in Uganda? Attacks fuel anxiety ahead of a global edict for Rwandan refugees to return home

Statement on asylum trends and levels in 2012 in Japan

New ‘excision’ law does not relieve Australia of its responsibilities towards asylum-seekers

UK: Council wrongly classed asylum seeker children as adults

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is greatly concerned over deteriorating conditions of asylum seekers in Cyprus.

Reaction to discussions at the Court of Criminal Appeal regarding the non-prosecution and non-punishment of victims of human trafficking.

New legal challenge against detention of asylum seekers and the use of the Detained Fast Track.

The Israeli Ministry of Interior ordered the release of all Eritrean mothers and children detained under the Anti-Infiltration Law for long months

Unprotected Congolese refugees In Gabon

CASE NOTE: Victim of torture could meet definition of an ‘exceptional humanitarian’ case and therefore serve as a release provision under the Anti-Infiltration Law.

CASE NOTE: Minority is sufficient to constitute a ‘special humanitarian’ reasonand therefore serve as a release provision under the Anti-Infiltration Law.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Report on the rejected asylum seekers of Choucha refugee camp

SPECIAL FEATURE: Stuck at Choucha

Refugee status determination in Hong Kong: a new era for legal aid providers?

Psychosocial well-being within refugee education in Cairo

Sri Lanka: A contemporary case of paradoxes

A future without immigration detention?



May 2013

Country of origin and legal news

Deportation news


Notes from the field: one country of origin expert’s experience

Advocacy groups celebrate landmark step to protect stateless in UK

UNHCR Briefing Note: UK’s new determination procedure to end legal limbo for stateless

UNHCR speaks out concerning Europe’s efforts to add more roadblocks to asylum procedures

A milestone for refugee rights: Hong Kong court of final appeal rules in favour of C case appellants

On the run, alone and young: Congolese children flee to Uganda

A diverse scope of refugees living at the margins in Egypt

Court of Justice of the European Union and European Court of Human Rights: recent judgments of interest

NGOs, UNHCR and the European Commission welcome Turkey’s new asylum law

Case note: France will not deport refused asylum seeker to Chad

Case note: Removal of Chechen man from Austria to Russia would expose him to risk of ill-treatment

Case note: Abdi v. the United Kingdom – violation of Article 5

SIS II to centralize data of people who are not allowed entry into the Schengen Area

Accession of the European Union to the European Convention on Human Rights

The European Commission adopts a proposal for regulation on the surveillance of external sea borders

Former Burundian refugees struggle to assert their new Tanzanian citizenship

Unaccompanied children and victims of torture will not be excluded from accelerated and border asylum procedures in revised asylum procedures directive


SPECIAL FEATURE: Concerns over Rwanda Cessation

ABA section of international law spring meeting panel highlights concerns over the cessation of status for Rwandan refugees

Recommendations of the International Conference on Rwandan Refugees, held in Brussels, Belgium, on 19 and 20 April, 2013

South African Minister of Home Affairs addresses ceased circumstances cessation clauses for Rwandan refugees


Organised crime and refugee policy in Honduras

Alarming prevalence of self harm in UK immigration detention during 2012

The first country of asylum principle in Tanzania: a national and East African perspective

Disability and forced migration

FRONTEX: human rights responsibilities

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April 2013

News on Countries of Origin and Asylum

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Short pieces and case notes


Implications of the Geopolitical and Economic Constraints for Providing Legal Aid to Refugees in Jordan   New network monitors deportee abuses

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March 2013

STOP PRESS:  Israel ‘secretly’ deports 1,000 Sudanese to Sudan, UNHCR rejects claim removal was ‘voluntary’
News on Countries of Origin and Asylum
Deportation News
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Short pieces & case notes


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Requests for Articles

February 2013

News on countries of origin and asylum

Deportation news

Reader Response: UNHCR’s regional policy in Zambia

New film on Rwanda cessation released

Israeli Ministry of Interior prevents jailed asylum seekers from filing asylum requests

Canada court condemns anti-smuggling law

Ongoing challenges for displaced Rohingyas

Russian authorities launch anti-gay media campaign

Why is there no refuge for Roma refugees?: Why Canada’s ‘safe’ country scheme offers no refuge for Roma refugees

Tightening of Swiss asylum law introduces new form of accommodation for ‘recalcitrant’ asylum seekers and curtails access to asylum

Stranded at the border: Migrants and refugees trapped in a no man’s land

The endless suffering of those who fled Libya: Choucha camp

UNHCR’s Rwanda cessation: Flawed, but perhaps not entirely wrong

Kenya: Don’t force 55,000 refugees into camps

Detainees’ rights overrule absconding and rioting charges, courts rule


Call for papers

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January 2013

Avaaz Community Petition to stop the invocation of the cessation clause for Rwandan refugees

News on Countries of Origin and Asylum

Reader Response: Rwanda, Zambia, Cessation

Deportation News

The purpose of RSDWatch, then and now

Kenya restricts refugees to camps, violating refugee rights

A Profile of a COI provider - a recommended organization

Mercosul countries sign commitment to common policies for refugees in the region

Regarding asylum policy, Norway is far from being the ‘first class’ in Europe

‘Vile liars and truth distorters’ – truth, trust and the asylum system


Special focus: Canada

CANADA: The crisis in funding legal support for refugees

CANADA: New refugee system does not treat refugees fairly or protect those most at risk

Special focus: Article 1F(c)

UK Legal News Analysis: When is an act contrary to the purposes and principles of the UN?

Casenote on Article 1F(c) ‘acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the UN’


ECRE/ELENA Legal Update: Recent European case law

Pro Asyl campaign against the adoption of the amended EU Reception Conditions Directive: ‘Flight is not a crime’

Violating the rights of deportees: why some deportations to African states amount to refoulement

An introduction to Frontex: Human Rights

Tanzania’s Mtabila camp closed, refugees repatriated against their will

Refugee resettlement from Kenya: perspectives from Kakuma and Nairobi

To be or not to be: the ‘environmental refugee’?




Calls for papers

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December 2012


News on countries of origin and asylum

Deportation News

Dozens of organisations urge member states to accede to statelessness conventions

Joint Statement from Human Security Alliance, Asian Muslim Action Network and Odhikar: International support needed to protect Rohingyas from persecution

Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network statement on changes to Australian policy

Xenophobic attacks on the rise in Greece: asylum seekers and refugees at increasing risk

‘Non-clinicians’ judgments about asylum seekers’ mental health: how do legal representatives of asylum seekers decide when to request medico-legal reports?’

EASO country of origin information report Afghanistan: A critical review

Two years after the attack on the 2010 Rainbow Festival: Justice delayed for victims of racist violence and for KISA’s Executive Director

Human Rights Watch documents five serious cases challenging the principle of  non-refoulement  in 2012

Ghanaian detainees statement on the death of Prince Ofosu at Harmondsworth IRC

The top 10 neglected refugee crises

ECRE recounts important cases in Europe

Nuclear Family a ‘Social Group’

Hode & Abdi v. the United Kingdom

MN and others: Pakistan Pakistan v. the SSHD

HM Iraq 2: Country guidance

Solitary confinement of homosexual found to be discriminatory: The Case of  X v Turkey

Rwanda: Why UNHCR is wrong about Cessation

Eight-Year Sentence for Opposition Leader, Victoire Ingabire Found Guilty of Two Charges in Flawed Trial

An introduction to Frontex: frequent criticism

Japan Announces that ‘0’ Refugees will be Resettled this Year

Regional cooperation: an impossible dream?

Open Letter to Australian Minister of Immigration and Citizenship from the Refugee Council of Australia, following doorstep interview




Call for papers and applications


Conferences and workshops

Grants and awards



November 2012

Country of Origin and Legal News

Deportation News

Court enjoins arrest of Sudanese asylum seekers until further decision is reached


Remembering episodes of sexual violence: the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder on evidence

Compilation of recent materials on Rwanda and continuing crisis of UNHCR’s recommendation that the Cessation Clause be invoked in June 2013

Joint NGO statement on international protection, delivered before the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Geneva, October 2012

Treatment of returned failed asylum seekers to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Petition provides hope for the delay of the anti-infiltration law to asylum seekers in Israel



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October 2012

Country of Origin and legal news

Deportation and third country removal news


Reader response: Rwandans in Zambia subject the the Cessation Clause

Open letter to ExCom: The threat of invoking the Cessation Clause in particular reference to Rwanda

Petition presented to the Djibouti delegation attending the UN meeting in New York, concerning Eritreans detained in Djibouti

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) human rights violations against asylum seekers on the Israeli-Egyptian border

Afghan refugees in Pakistan

European Court issues freedom of religion judgment

Unlawful detention and  refoulement  of asylum seekers in South Africa

China’s new exit-entry law

Croatia to join EU, drawing attention to refugee treatment

The Refugee Consortium of Kenya: code of conduct

Zimbabwe’s resettlement rumours

The right to asylum of unaccompanied minors in the European Union

Sources of persecution seldom spoken about: witchcraft accusations and asylum

Serbia: a worrying situation outside the centre for asylum seekers in Bogovada

Hong Kong refugee NGO calls for ‘march for protection’ in response to zero percent recognition rate for torture survivors

Deportations of failed Ugandan asylum seekers

Announcing the European database of asylum law

As Syria stalemate continues, UN Security Council ponders options for protection of refugees and civilians

Analysis: Was Hungary the first EU country of arrival? Legal responsibility before human rights: a short story on Dublin

Argentina introduces state-run refugee status determination (RSD) system


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September 2012

Rwandan refugees in Zambia suggest they are stripped of education by the cessation process 

Legal victory for refugee rights in Israel: the end of school segregation in Eilat

Updates from Israel

Security situation in Sinai: opportunity to liberate torture camps

Case note: court ruling granted freedom to two refugees detained in Egyptian prisons

Djibouti: An open letter from an Eritrean refugee

Bangladesh government shutting down NGOs working with refugees

End of detention of illegal immigrants in France

Notorious Spanish immigrant detention centre closed

How to respond to requests for information? Or ‘Are good intentions good enough? The ‘Expert’ Part II

Mozambique: a refugee sending country turned host

Trends in refugee status determination (RSD) in Latin America: an overview of progress and challenges in the region

The withdrawal of citizenship from Jordanians of Palestinian Origin

Launching the post-deportation monitoring network

The Cessation Clause and Rwandans in Uganda: Is the Countdown Beginning?

Liberian refugees and the June 2012 refugee cessation: the gap between applying for and being granted exemption

Book Review: The Plight of the Stateless Rohingyas: Responses of the State, Society & the International Community by Delwar Hossain, Shahab Enam Khan and Md. Faridul Alam, Ed. by Imitiaz Ahamed

Book Review: Trauma Stewardship, an everyday guide to caring for self while caring for others

Rights in Exile Programme announces new co-director


July 2012

Why I cannot return to Rwanda: testimonies of Rwandan refugees

Why is the government of Tanzania backtracking from its commitment to fully grant citizenship to Burundian refugees?

Refugee and migrant protection at sea: lessons from the Mediterranean

Special focus: ISRAEL

Refugees denied legal rights in Israel

Refugee related issues in Israel: an update

The end of temporary group protection for South Sudanese

Open letter to Israel: Eritreans are NOT economic refugees


June 2012

Palestinians who fall under the 1951 Convention: a Norwegian case

Legal aid profile: the Cambridge Pro Bono Project

Ruling: the state is obligated to provide adequate translation services in RSD interviews

Open letter to the Cyprus Bar Association

Conference panel: the need for competent counsel for refugees

Why immigration detention harms people and doesn’t work

South Africa: High Court refuses to grant leave to appeal closure of refugee reception office

Important judgement on the value of medical reports


May 2012

Pending questions: UNHCR Recommendations regarding the Cessation Clause for Rwandan refugees

Asylum victory on appeal: Immigration Judge placed ‘unreasonable expectations’ on applicant to demonstrate the motive behind violence against her

UK detaining Sudanese asylum seekers with an aim towards deportation

Understanding psychology can make asylum decisions fairer

EU resolution against human trafficking in the Sinai

Hungarian asylum process condemned by the UNHCR

Thai NGO collecting signatures to petition for a Refugee Act

The Moroccan Arab Spring: Protecting migrants rights in theory and practice

Campaign for access to detention centres in Europe

Refugees in Egypt: Between rights and responsibilities


April 2012

‘We are in hell’: Legal aid needed for detained asylum seekers in Romania

Legal aid battles in the Lords: a report from the United Kingdom

Country of Origin specialists: engaging at what cost?

‘Experts’ in the asylum process: are good intentions good enough?

Court injunction forbids Israel from deporting South Sudanese

Update: Syrian refugees in Turkey

Syrian men barred from leaving country without military approval

More resettlement places in Europe?

Court rules conditions in Dadaab to be ‘inhuman and degrading’

Canadian government to include Mexico on ‘Safe Country of Origin’ list

Mock trial for Europe aims to shed light on human rights

Petition: Support Refugee Action’s ‘Access to Justice’ initiative

Petition: Campaign to save North Korean refugees in China from refoulement


March 2012

How to apply for asylum in Brazil

 Practice Advisory on Interim Memo regarding law students, graduates and other representatives appearing before United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

The importance of psychosocial support in the refugee status determination process

Asylum approval rate in Japan still shockingly low

Changes to refugee system in Canada further undermine refugees

Italy rebuked by European Court after deportations of Somali and Eritrean asylum seekers

Statement on Kenyan Government plan to relocate refugees back to Somalia

Syrian refugees in Europe: news from Belgium and Sweden

Syrians in Jordan: Guests, not refugees

Democratic Republic of Congo London embassy staff resign and claim asylum

Open letter from Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers in Djibouti

Letter from the Rwandan Refugee Community in Zambia to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

Refugees in Brazil denounce ‘exploitation network’


February 2012

STOP PRESS: Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid website

United States practice advisory concerning asylum applications for long term residency or family reunification put on hold under the Tier III provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act

Somalis in Kenya suffer the consequences of Kenyan war in Somalia

Life in exile: challenges facing refugees and organisations working to support them in Cape Town

Arbitrariness regarding access to the asylum procedure in Bulgaria

Longing to repatriate or resettle? Bhutanese refugees in Nepal

How language testing used to authenticate asylum claims fails to recognise the reality and complexity of language

Death at the gates of Europe: refugees drown off the Moroccan coast trying to reach Spain

Language analysis in the UK Refugee Status Determination system

Updates on access to asylum in Switzerland


January 2012

Providing open access to legal literature

US required to consider testimony from asylum seeker

Refugees in Djibouti detention centre need help     

Rights in Exile Programme seeks Director   

Assessment of United Kingdom Border Agency’s Operational Guidance Notes

Organisational profile: against deportation from the UK

Court provides for exceptions to Dublin II, when Member State does not observe asylum rights

Report on meeting between UNHCR and Rwandan refugee organisations   

News on Rwanda and the cessation clause   

Testimonies of Rwandan refugees 

STOP PRESS: Refugee Act passes in Korea 


December 2011

The Bangkok Principles on the Status and Treatment of Refugees

Africa NGO resolution on the rights of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and displaced persons

Asia Pacific model pledge towards upholding refugee rights worldwide

MIGREUROP explores readmission instruments

The situation of refugees in Israel

Question & answer: the Cessation Clause examined

The Cessation Clause: a primer

ECtHR allows extradition to Rwanda of alleged Hutu génocidaire with refugee status in Denmark; UNHCR does not intervene

‘Is this Caribbean idyll the worst place in the world to be a woman?’

WikiLeaks diplomatic cables: a tool for refugee legal aid workers?

In limbo in Latvia

Asia Pacific Regional Immigration Detention Working Group workshop


November 2011

Resettlement in exchange for local asylum?

UNHCR’s incentive salary policy

Human rights in Rwanda

International refugee law judges conference

Country of origin and legal news

Child custody rights and UNHCR resettlement

Resettlement, divorce and visita1on rights

Profile: Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project,  Articulo en Español


October 2011

Remarks & letters on the Cessation Clause

New project: international law in domestic courts

Discussion of workshop on asylum‐seeking children

Asia Pacific regional refugee protecLon cooperation

Refugees in Egypt train in advocacy

The refugee situation in Korea

New Canadian AssociaLon of Refugee Lawyers

Asylum seekers in Estonia receive free legal assistance

Irish asylum system needs reform

Iraq’s mistreatment of Iranians in Camp Ashraf

How Asylum Access Thailand uses the FRLAN

Can a European gain asylum in another EU country?

Workshop: cultural expertise in English courts


September 2011

Sign to Protect Rwandan Refugees!

Rwandans in UK Face Danger

UNHCR‐Rwandan Refugee Meeting

LGBTI Rights in Sudan

Case Note: ECHR on Dadaab Camp

Asylum in Poland

Cyprus Police Attack Detainees

Case Note: Return from UK to Cyprus

Syrian Refugees in Turkey

UK Refugee Legal Aid Cuts


July/August 2011

Training Asylum Lawyers in the UK

Case Note:Asylum & Child Custody

Australia's Troubling 'Swap' Plan

Egypt's Invisible Palestinians

The UK'S Troubling Asylum Practices

Thai Refugee Freedom Fund

Syrians Flee to Turkey

Call: Continue Protecting Rwandans

Sinai Atrocities, Israel Detention


June 2011

Expert Advice in Legal Cases

Australia Plans Asylum 'Swap'

Rwanda & the Cessation Clause

European Borders

UNHCR Urban Refugee Policy in Bulgaria


May 2011

Refugees in the Russian Federation

Kenyan Refugee in Transitional Justice

Events & Courses

Canada in Violation on Returns to USA

News: Australia, Cyprus, Namibia, Eritreans


April 2011

Looking for Legal Literature

The Cessation Clause, Uganda Style

Coalition for Rights of Iranian Refugees

Advocacy Action in Thailand: APRRN

Family Reunification in Finland

Refugee Crisis in Libya


March 2011

New Mexican Refugee Legislation

US Ruling on Fear of Future Persecution

Rights in Exile Programme: An Overview


February 2011

US Debate on Evidence Access in Immigration Cases

UNHCR’s Position on Returns to Côte d'Ivoire

Shutting 'Gateway EU': Greece's Fence Plans

Persecution, Death of Uganda's Sexual Minorities

Commentary on Human Rights in Uganda

News: Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt


January 2011

UK Age Assessment: A New Approach

Arguments for Legal Asylum System in Jordan

Witchcraft Allegations & Refugee Protection

Egypt Sinai: Refugees Taken Hostage

Commentary: UNHCR's Role in Israel-Sudan Returns

Transgendered Women Allowed to Remain in the US

South Africa to Return Zimbabweans in 2011


December 2010

Refugee protection in Israel: recent developments

Age disputed asylum seeking children in the United Kingdom

Publications and resources

India’s constitutional right to life – a hope for refugees?

Japanese judgement on Rohingya disregards international human rights and refugee law norms

Malaysia: Combating human trafficking must not be at the expense of human rights

South Africa: Refugees can again access bank accounts


November 2010

Egypt: first steps taken in creation of National Network of Refugee Lawyers

The law, policy and practice of refugee protection in India

Update from Japan: Asia’s only resettlement program continues


October 2010

Is the United States a safe third country? A commentary on Canadian Council for Refugees v. Her Majesty the Queen

Hard times for refugees in Northern Cyprus

Commentary: UNHCR’s deregistration of Iraqis in Syria


September 2010

From Refugee to citizen? Obstacles to the naturalization of refugees in Uganda

United Kingdom: the right to work during the asylum claim process


July 2010

Response to UNHCR’s new eligibility guidelines on asylumseekers from Sri Lanka

The United Kingdom’s reception of asylum seekers


June 2010

Iraqi Refugees detained in Lebanon issue public statement

ALERT: Using the European Court to stop deportation

Statement of the Joint Committee of the 8th Tripartite Commission Meeting, 13 May 2010


May 2010

Uganda & Malawi: Africa’s LGBTI Rights Under Attack

New UNHCR guidelines on Somali asylum claims

Call for Refugee Legal Aid in Nepal


April 2010

Using civil society networks to engage with intergovernmental processes: The Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network

Australia’s partial suspension of asylum processing prompts protest

Dadaab refugees release open letter of grievances


March 2010

Refugee legal aid at Canadian embassies

Early warning of Cessation Clause?

UNHCR country of origin briefing papers available online

International Detention Monitor e-Newsletter and Toolkit

New refugee legislation in Chile

Asylum in Mexico

Assessing credibility in religious-based refugee claims: the case of Pentecostals in Egypt

Refugee law training held in Malaysia


February 2010

Refugees in Central African Republic fear return

Need for refugee legal aid in Cameroon

Hong Kong’s refugee law is changing

Budget increase for refugee resources in Egypt expected

Yemen sees rise in African migrant arrivals

Court case of Chechen limits detention to 18 months

Return pressure on refugees in Thailand

Cyprus detention victory

Malaysia to issue refugee identity cards

Japan to resettle Myanmar refugees