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Family Reunification

Refugees United


Refugees United (Refunited) is a protected search engine that allows you to search for lost loved ones all over the world. Refunited has a special section for NGOs and has offices in three different countries (Kenya,  the United States and Denmark). The search engine can be used free of charge by creating a profile.

Refunited FAQ: Information on how Refugees United helps to trace loved ones and how to use the search engine: https://refunite.org/about/qa/ and https://refunite.org/technology/.

WARNING: You should not use this website if you or your family at home would be endangered if your identity is revealed. Since all refugees are fleeing persecution, this is most likely to be the case with you. There are some special instructions as to how you can use a different name and use some birth mark or other information that only the loved one that you are trying to find would know, but before using Refunite, we strongly suggest that you take advice BEFORE from the Red Cross or some legal aid office whether and how to fill the Refunite form.

European Coordination for Foreigners' Right to Family Life (Coordeurop)

Head Office: Avenue du Parc 89 – BE 1060 BRUXELLES
President’s office and Secretariat: Salita Superiore San Simone 14/3 – IT 16136 GENOVA
Tel and Fax : +39 010 218986
Email: coordeurop [dot] secretariatatcoordeurop [dot] org

Coordeurop provides services for local and national Organisations, Associations and public Administrations. A specific sector of European Coordination is being active in networks’ creation, organisation and management, for implementing partnerships and groups cooperating in European projects about migrants integration’s issues. Coordeurop also provides consulting services for local projects, events and initiatives’ promotion at a European level (transnational seminars and conferences’ organisation, communication campaigns, local initiatives’ dissemination within European networks), monitoring and information about European funding opportunities, oriented to each organisation’s specific operating field. Coordeurop also provides training courses of intercultural communication, for social, health and educational services’ workers and vocational trainers.

Family Reunification in the United Kingdom

If you are a refugee or asylee (i.e. a person who has successfully claimed asylum) in the UK, you can find Family Reunion information for the UK at: Freemovement.org

Family Reunification in the United States

If you are a refugee or asylee in the US, information on how you help a relative enter the US can be found at: www.uscis.gov