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Republic of North Macedonia - COI

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Vebi Kosumi

Email: infoatalbkos [dot] co [dot] uk

Vebi Kosumi holds a Masters of Laws (LLM) in International Law with International Relations from the University of Kent, UK and a Law Degree (LLB) from the University of Prishtina, Kosovo. He is a legal expert, author and prominent leader in the international human rights movement. As the former Director of the Dover Detainee Visitor Group (Now Samphire) he led the support efforts to improve the treatment of asylum seekers, working across UK to raise awareness in the community. Prior to serving as a Team Leader of Hestia - Modern Slavery Response Team (Anti-Human Trafficking) in Kent in 2017, he volunteered with the British Red Cross and Save the Children (London). 

Vebi’s desire to empower migrants, and to stand up against societal inequalities, led up to his professional career in international law. He is a trustee of Music in Detention since 2006, board member of the Asylum Aid since 2013, and the Migrant Resource Centre since 2016. Vebi has written over 40 country expert reports focusing mainly on a blood feud, Human Trafficking, honour killing but not limited to. Covering countries: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia (Presevo Valley). Fluent in Albanian, Serbian, and English languages. Free initial assessment of the case. Some pro bono work may be taken. 

Magdalena Lembovska 

Email:  mlembovskaatanalyticamk [dot] org

Magdalena Lembovska works as a research fellow on the Foreign and Security Policy Program at Analytica think tank Skopje, dealing with contemporary security issues and the concept of good governance. Ms Lembovska has experience in conducting policy relevant research, writing policy papers and organizing advocacy activities. Her interests include: protection of human rights, irregular migration, organized crime, security sector reform and the process of democratization. She has developed expertise in the area through researching national policies and practices for dealing with irregular migration and asylum seekers as well as the treatment of asylum seekers in Europe.

Prof Dr Branislav Radeljic

Email:  BRadeljicatnebrija [dot] es  or  branislav [dot] radeljicatgmail [dot] com   

Branislav Radeljic is an academic, consultant and policy analyst, specializing in EU, Balkan and East European political and socioeconomic development. He has a BA from the University of Rome La Sapienza, two MA degrees from the Free University of Brussels, and a PhD from the University of London. He has lectured for many years at the University of East London and has held visiting appointments at Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid, the London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Michigan and the University of Pittsburgh. Dr Radeljic is the author of  Europe and the Collapse of Yugoslavia: The Role of Non-State Actors and European Diplomacy  (2012), editor of  Europe and the post-Yugoslav Space  (2013),  Debating European Identity: Bright Ideas, Dim Prospects  (2014) and  European Community-Yugoslav Relations: Debates and Documents that Mattered (1968–1992)  (2017), and co-editor of  Religion in the post-Yugoslav Context  (2015) and  Kosovo and Serbia: Contested Options and Shared Consequences  (2016). He has presented his research findings at numerous conferences and workshops, and has regularly been invited to give talks and commentary to different media outlets.

Dr Dejan Stjepanović

Email: D [dot] Stjepanovicatchi [dot] ac [dot] uk or Dejan [dot] Stjepanovicated [dot] ac [dot] uk

Dr Dejan Stjepanović is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, School of Social and Political Science, an Associate Lecturer in Politics at the University of Chichester. He, and holds a Ph.D. in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute, Florence and an MA in Nationalism Studies from Central European University, Budapest. His expertise includes territorial politics, security studies, nationalism and migration, focusing on the region of southeastern Europe. He is widely published and is is fluent in his native Serbo-Croat, English, Macedonian and Greek. He uses Russian and Italian in his research as well. His considerable international experience includes having lived, worked and conducted fieldwork in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia and the UK. (Pro bono service is not avaiable.)