Rights in Exile Programme

Refugee Legal Aid Information for Lawyers Representing Refugees Globally

Books for Basic Training in Refugee Status Determination

The American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Asylum Primer by Regina Germain

The current, 6th edition sells for $109, $79 for members.

The Table of Contents lists appendices and subsections on

  • Interviewing and Intake
  • Practice Pointers for Completing the Asylum Application
  • Sample Declaration
  • Checklist for Preparing for the Asylum Interview
  • Sample Closing Statement
  • Checklist for Supporting Documentation
  • Sample Index of Supporting Documentation
  • Sample Affidavits (Country Conditions; Medical)
  • Preparing for the Hearing
  • Practice Pointers on Direct and Cross-Examination of the Asylum Applicant
  • Sample Brief
  • Selected Resources for Country Condition Information
  • Recommended Texts and Tools

Law of Asylum in the United States by Deborah E. Anker

Law of Asylum in the United States can be found on Amazon.